Choosing the Right Outfit For The Groom

Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Wedding tips |

The well-known choice for grooms of today is the classic tuxedo. All men look great in tuxedos. But you should keep the event’s formality while deciding on the outfit. Make sure to create a look that suits your personality and also complements your bride.

Black Tie: Black tie is becoming popular in weddings these days. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to spend hell lot of money on a tuxedo. There are various labels with different prices. Renting is one of the best options if you can’t afford to buy one, but if you are planning to wear it more than one time, it would be a perfect investment to buy one.

Shirts: Even though you find a wide range of tuxedos, you should wait until you find shirts that match your tuxedo. Shirts normally come with three varieties of collars, wing collar is very popular and you can see the complete bowtie, laydown collar shows the knot and bow, and the band collar, with which you don’t have to wear a tie, instead you will have to wear a fastener that looks like fastener that closes the shirt near throat.

Ties: Formal satin or silk bow ties are ageless and will look perfect even after 20 years from now. You may go with gray or black satin tie also.

Appropriate tuxedo for you: If you are tall and sleek, then almost any style will suit you. Men who are thin will look perfect in jackets that are double breasted and shoulders should be padded more compared to normal people. This will give the look of more muscular body. The trousers should be full length with high rise waist. Men who are solid and tall should go for single breasted jacket with one button. You should make ensure that your jacket has a good length. A good sign of this is to relax your hands to your sides. If you can reach the bottom of the jacket with your finger, you should know it is a good length. Cuffs of your shirt should sit around 2.5 cm below the sleeve of your jacket.

You should be very careful while choosing the collars and ties. If your face is wider or you have a thick neck, you should make sure that you don’t appear like you are being choked or something. The jacket you wear should be loose enough so that you can move easily. Legs of your trouser should be wide enough so that you can be comfortable and look good.