Contemporary Wedding Cake With Modern magic

Posted by on Aug 2, 2012 in Wedding tips |

It is not easy to explain what exactly comprises a contemporary wedding cake, though many people admit that if you choose for a tiered cake of white color then you will be choosing a traditional style. Modern cakes are a combination of craze and fun. They indicate the tastes and personalities of the couple rather than being just a pretty looking dessert or sweet. They are creations of art that a designer has worked for days. The modern wedding cake is a beautiful creativity of marriage, unmatched beauty and taste explosions. Some of the ways how chefs of today have changed the way we think about wedding cakes are as follows:

Extending flavors: Now you will no long find plain cake flavors as in the past and we have moved far away from the fruit cake confections. The choice for flavors today ranges from vanilla to mango, carrot, strawberry and banana to your favorite liqueurs. Wedding cakes can be created in the form of ice cream, cheese cakes or mousses. Choosing what you want actually depends on your personal like and taste.

New Patterns: Instead of normal square or round cakes, designers are concentrating on more varies patterns in the making of modern cakes. Some cakes can be found in hexagonal shapes and some are molded as well. Modern cakes feature fantastic decorations including shells, beading, ribbons, lace and flowers.

Presentation or Appearance:
The way of presenting wedding cakes has also changed now. It is no longer a normal base, now you can see very delicate bases, they rotate sometimes or include flowers or fountains in them. The more money you spend the more flashy or outstanding the presentation of your wedding cake can be. But no matter what you choose the modern cake will definitely make a good impression on people who taste and see it.