Decorating your Wedding with Flowers

Posted by on Feb 6, 2012 in Wedding tips |

Flowers play a major role in everyone’s life, not only that but they are an important part of all the decorations. There are many ways in which we can set up the flower to match the wedding hall site or at any other ceremony site. The various ways of decorating flowers add the charm and romance to the wedding and the kind of flowers that you choose give a unique personal touch.

How to decorate your wedding with flowers

Centerpieces: If you are thinking of using tables as your center piece for wedding reception ceremony, then you can do something more than simply keeping the flower bouquet at the center of the table. You can use lot of candles as center pieces, surrounded with petals of flowers which were wax molded for the evening reception. You can also place the candles in tray with some flower petals that are dried or with synthetic flowers. Keeping the candle in the center of the flower ring can provide an amazing look of floral design, without making it look very traditional. The use of white flower provides a felling of purity and new beginning, which is the requirement of the occasion. You can also use the yellow flowers that are symbol of your appreciation towards your family and friends.

Pew Decorations: You can use the flowers to decorate pews in wedding ceremony hall. If your wedding is taking place in the evening you should use the color that complements the atmosphere, you can make use of bronze chrysanthemums to decorate the pews, since these flowers show your enthusiasm. If you are planning to decorate the first few pews with different colored flowers, using hyacinths and irises could be the best option for you, as these flowers show your inspiration and honesty. It is apparent that first couple of pews is for your loved ones, in this manner these flowers help you in showing your gratitude to them. Both natural and synthetic flowers can be used to decorate remaining pews.

Bouquets: Carrying the flower bouquet by the bridesmaids and bride are practice, these bouquets can be set up with flowers of white colors that are symbol of dedication and beginning of her new phase of life. The small or large flowers of various colors can be set up in bouquets or your favorite flowers can also be used for decoration chapel doors or the reception.