Destination Weddings – Dressing Tips

Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Wedding tips |

Every year more and more couples decide having stunning destination weddings, because they are more romantic, unique and exciting. When it comes to dressing for your destination wedding, you surely do not underestimate the importance of bridal fashion.But before everything else, it is extremely important to transport wedding gown properly. You should not check a gown! Instead of that, bring your wedding dress as a carry-on and ask the flight attendant to hang it in the closet. While transporting, blemishes can incur, so it is important to bring a stain remover. As soon as you arrive at the destination of your wedding, remove the gown from the bag. If you want to have the dress that does not wrinkle or tear, think carefully when buying it. Destination wedding gowns have to be very transportable.

Depending of the type of event you should consider different fashion styles.

Garden wedding: Pay attention to the length of your wedding gown. It is better to choose the one that does not skim the ground. Of course, avoid high heels if you do not want to sink into the soil. Avoid shiny, glittery embellishments and choose something more natural, such as floral accessories, leaf shaped brooches and hairpins etc.

Beach wedding: Avoid gowns with heavy trains if you do not want to carve a wake when walking down the aisle. Sandals and flats are optimal choice. Choose shapes and fabrics that will keep you cool. Breathable, natural fabrics such as silk and chiffon are recommended for this occasion.

Castle wedding: Look glamorous and match your gown to surrounds. Ball gowns with a long train will achieve a great impact. When buying shoes consider buying a pair of those that won’t clack too loudly. In case you want to wear high-heels, lay a rug on a stone floor.