Diamond for Engagement Ring – Take an Educated Decision

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Custom Jewelers in DallasDiamond is the time-honored choice for an engagement ring. But shopping for a diamond is quite a daunting task, with a bewildering array of various types of natural diamonds, synthetic diamonds and the enticing costume-jewelry fakes available on the market; so, how to shop for just the right one? One great choice is Diamond Exchange Dallas about which I will tell you later in this article. Let’s consider the various factors involved in the diamond affair.

Natural vs. lab-created, colored or crystal clear – even cubic zirconia is now included in the line of respectable members of the diamond families. There are literally vast choices, and indeed there is one stone for every buyer having any budget. But heading to the jewelry store without any plan can be a great mistake.

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So, get first known about the scenario and then take an educated decision.

Traditional Diamonds – Still the Most Ideal Choice

Traditional diamond is the one about which Marilyn Monroe sang; it is the natural jewel created inside the earth over millions of years. Regarding cut, “brilliant” or round is the most popular. Founder of Diamond Cutters International, Houston, Fred Cuellar, says that two amongst every three diamond buyers would buy a round.

Benefits: According to Cuellar there are three factors that determine the value of a diamond – Beauty which includes the four Cs (cut, clarity, color and carat), durability and rarity. All these standards can be met only by a natural diamond.

Things to Consider: Prices of rounds range from $3,500 to $29,000 a carat.

The commonest complaint about a diamond can be about the sparkle. So, ask for a “vivid” white diamond. This is the term used in the industry for the most sparkling, and thereby the most valued diamond.

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Colored Diamonds – How to Spot the Best?

The most desired diamonds are white or “colorless”. However, colored or “fancy” diamonds can get higher prices; but they can even be almost worthless. Here’s a brief account of what you should expect of colored diamonds.

Reds/Pinks: These are rarest of colors in diamonds acquired because of a strange atomic structure. Cuellar explains, “When the spectrum of light passes through it, it actually evokes particular electrons to different wavelengths, and thus offers the red appearance.”

Blues: The lovely blue tinge is offered to the diamond by the element boron.

Yellow: Nitrogen, which is normally an unwanted element in the natural colorless diamonds, can give rise to the vivid and expensive canary-yellow diamonds.

Champagne: The recently popular champagne, chocolate or cognac colors are waste of money according to Cuellar.

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Diamond Exchange Dallas

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