DIY Brides, Get Your Problems Solved without Spending a Fortune on a Wedding Planner

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my virtual wedding plannerA newer, easier and cheaper way of wedding planning is making its entry in the wedding planning industry – a virtual wedding planner! Those brides who want to get their wedding planned professionally as if done by a dedicated wedding planner, but don’t have a very big budget to hire one, need not worry now, as they can get their wedding planned easily while at the same time enjoy the fun of getting things done just their way. So, now even if you are a DIY bride, wedding won’t be stressful for you.

My Virtual Wedding Planner – A Wonderful Wedding Planning App

My Virtual Wedding Planner is the brainchild of Meigelle Lapos who is working as a wedding and event planner for over 10 years. Over these years she found one thing in common in all weddings that a wedding is stressful! Particularly if you are doing it yourself, you are bound to get stressed up with the huge expanse of work, so much information to collect and remember, so many companies to contact and negotiate with, and there are venues and flowers to choose, your bridal gown and ring to select, and so many chores! Instead of hiring a wedding planner, can a bride-on-budget get them all done with a virtual assistant? That was the dream of Meigelle for many years. And so, My Virtual Wedding Planner was born.

What will it Do for You?

My Virtual Wedding Planner by Meigelle will assist brides like a professional wedding planner, but only for the problems they are facing at that time. If you can plan your wedding nearly on your own, but just you are getting hindered by some small questions or problems, the Virtual Wedding Planner is the best option for you instead of hiring a pricey wedding planner.

Is there any Difference in My Virtual Wedding Planner and Other Wedding Planning Apps?

Yes! In My Virtual Wedding Planner, brides can look through tiers and categories of questions. So, if you are finding answers to a particular question, you can find it easily in the related tier and category, instead of going through a whole lot of questions. Also you can get a range of answers from simple to complicated.

Can One Answer Satisfy All Brides?

It’s true that every bride is different. So, it is seemingly difficult to satisfy each of them with one single answer. However, My Virtual Wedding Planner will provide very specific and detailed, as well as a broad range of questions, which aim at providing answers to almost every question a bride will need to ask.

So now you can proceed with your DIY wedding planning without any hesitation as My Virtual Wedding Planner is there to help you out at every step, and take you along smoothly to an unforgettably beautiful wedding day!

my virtual wedding planner