Engagement Diamond Rings: the Four Cs

Posted by on Apr 23, 2013 in Wedding tips |

engagement diamond ringIf you have decided to buy an engagement ring to your beloved one, there is a rule:”diamonds are the girl’s best friends”. But, how much do you really know about diamonds? You are certainly about to part with quite a lot of money and you will also buy an object that symbolizes the most important love relationship of your life. Therefore, buying a diamond engagement ring is not something you should get wrong. When you find the best place to buy diamonds, you should know what you are looking for. For the start, let’s familiarize with the “four Cs”: cut, color, clarity and carat. All these Cs have to be considered equally when choosing the diamond, but the cut is perhaps the most important.

The Cut is the only characteristic that is not influenced by nature, therefore it is open to bad practices and mistakes. If the cuts are made too shallow or to deep, the diamond won’t be so brilliant. Also, the cuts determine the shape of the diamond: round cut, emerald, the marquise, the pear, the oval, the princess, the heart shape.

When it comes to color, the rarest and the most valuable color is white, or we can say: colorless. Jewelers grade absolutely white (colorless) diamonds with a “D” and the scale moves up to the Z. Diamonds that are colored strong and distinctive are very rare and they are called fancies. But, between D and Z, diamonds display subtle colored tones.

Clarity is not so important as people do consider it to be. At least, it’s something you cannot see with the naked eye, but every diamond has something called nature’s fingerprints, small inclusions that look like feathers and clouds. They can affect diamond’s brilliance, but they are also details that make every diamond unique. The best and the most expensive is Internally flawless: IF, the SI1 is Slightly included 1 (this is what we do recommend for a diamond engagement ring) and the worst is Imperfect 3: I3.

Carat is a measure of the size and the weight of a diamond. One carat is 0.2 gm and it is divided into points, 100 smaller units. For example, 1/2 of carat is 50 points. Averagely, the most engagement-ring diamonds are between half a carat and one carat diamonds.