Engagement & Wedding Ring Trends: Modern to Vintage

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Engagement and wedding Ring trendsYou want your engagement and wedding rings to be the most perfect and trendy. But you have quite a wide choice regarding trends. From vintage-style details to hot colored stones, from classic-inspired designs to the latest design making the stones look larger, you can choose anything of your dreams. Ring4Love is an excellent website to shop for engagement and wedding rings because they have extensive range of all trends, designs, styles and patterns. Take a look at their amazing collection of engagement and wedding rings. Here we discuss some of the most popular trends.


This is the time when the old has gained popularity and has been revived again in the bridal world. Vintage-inspired rings are delicate and soft to look at. Even stones on these rings are known for their Old European round center cut, but there are also Asscher and other cuts. Most notable features of vintage-style rings are minimal engraving, tiny, micro diamonds, filigree and subtle milgrain work (elevated beaded edges).

vintage 3


This is a terrific idea – more than two bands stacked together! Especially if the bands are studded all the way around with stones, they look great when stacked together. Whether you go for only metal bands or stone ones with either pave or channel set, you are going to look the trendiest bride in this kind of rings.

stacked rings

Pave Diamonds

Pave diamonds are those which are arranged in such a fashion that you cannot see the metal around them. The pave look offers dazzle but without making you look outlandish. The metals in pave rings range from platinum to yellow gold.

paved 1

Colored Gems

These are the times of colored gemstones, and brides-to-be are flaunting rings with pink and blue sapphires, canary yellow diamonds and even the rare light pink diamonds on their fourth fingers. You can choose colors from classic (four-pronged setting) and vintage (filigreed setting) to modern (tension setting). Choose your birthstone or your favorite color for the stone – your ring is going to make a statement.

colored stone rings