Ethical Engagement Ring for the Satisfaction of Being a Good Human

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ethical engagement ringYour wedding is very special to you. And wedding shopping is sheer joy. And your engagement ring is the foremost amongst your wedding shopping. But have you ever thought that everything you are doing for this unmatched pleasure should not anywhere harm this world in any way? Yes, I am talking about considering an ethical engagement ring! During all the hustle-bustle of your special day, you may not have time to think on such things. But if you take out some, it will not only serve the mankind, but also make you proud for years to come. If you consider buying an ethical gemstone for your engagement ring, there are lots of alternatives for you.

Second-hand Rings

Buying a second-hand ring is the best alternative for being ethical. I know, it puts limits to your choice. But you certainly won’t be upset when you understand that it is so favorable for the environment. Many reputed stores sell items that are technically second-hand, which means that they are returned.


The concept that diamond is the stone of choice for engagement rings was popularized after 1930s by DeBeers who has a sordid history of dominating the diamond industry by building up stocks and controlling prices through supply. The fact that diamonds are often produced under shocking conditions and are usually used to finance conflict wars may definitely discourage you from choosing them for your engagement ring. So, what should you do?

Choosing a second-hand diamond ring – Choosing a second-hand ring is always good. Just call it “antique” and it will at once become uber-fancy!

second-hand ring

Synthetic diamond – Synthetic diamonds are created in laboratories. They have a small carbon footprint and you can rest assured that there is neither human right abuse nor any direct harm to the environment or indigenous people in their creation.

lab-created diamond ring

Other Stone Alternatives

Moissanite – This is the best alternative to a diamond for your engagement ring. It was first discovered in 1893 on a meteorite. It is created in lab with a minor carbon footprint and without any direct impact on environment or indigenous people. It is the second hardest substance after diamond and so, lasts for years. What’s more, it has more brilliance than a diamond, but costs less.


Asha – Asha is the less shiny but cheaper sister of Moissanite. It is manufactured in labs from carbon diamond bonds. A little less durable than moissanite, asha is popular because of its equivalent whiteness. With asha you can save money and still can get an extremely durable and ethical engagement ring.


Cubic Zirconia – Cubic zirconia too is a good alternative to mined diamonds and is super cheap, but it is less durable and its brilliance fades over time. Beware of scammer companies who sell CZ at excessive prices.

cubic zirconia

Still Other Gemstones

There are innumerable other gemstones you can choose for your engagement ring, like sapphire, emerald, amethyst, ruby and more. If you want to be ethical, buy them second-hand or lab-created.

other gemstones

Double the joy of your wedding by choosing an ethical engagement ring, so that you can not only enjoy your big day, but also get a satisfaction of being a good human!