Excellent Tips to Hire a Perfect Wedding DJ to Make Your Event be Remembered Forever

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Sifa EventsInterviewing your wedding DJ may not be easy always. You have a set of your favorite songs and you want your DJ to play them, but you are not sure how to ensure the DJ will play your playlist to your guests’ or, whether they are experienced enough to make all your guests shake a leg and dance all night and have great fun, and handle your event efficiently to make everything flow smoothly. In such a scenario, a wedding DJ like SIFA Events can be a great help.

What Are You Interested In?

When you come face-to-face with your prospective wedding DJ and are confused about how to interview them, here are questions that will help you to start the conversation.

Is this your full-time business?

This will determine if they are seasoned, successful entertainers who can offer your event their expertise and versatility to please you as well as your guests.

How do you customize the music for every couple?

Your DJ should be able to produce a soundtrack that is based on your taste, style, and vision for your wedding and should not present something one-size-fits-all.

How do you encourage crowd?

A wedding DJ’s essential skill is to encourage the crowd to come to the dance floor and for this, they may use any trick from asking your guests to join you for a good-luck dance or playing a throwback song from your bridesmaids’ university days.

How do you handle song requests?

In many situations, client directives may be totally opposite the guest requests and your wedding DJ should achieve a balance to deliver your desires while still delighting your guests.

Some examples of mixing various tracks by you?

If your DJ is an expert in mixing, you won’t even come to know when one song changed to the next. They should blend songs seamlessly. However, if your DJ is not doing it correctly, you will immediately know it, as there would be an awkward silence or noticeable beat change between songs.

Sifa Events

Why to Book SIFA Events?

SIFA Events do more than hiring out wedding DJ’s. They train their DJ’s through the SIFA Academy. They understand that DJing is about hard work and long working hours, but they enjoy it tremendously and when someone enjoys there work, they deliver the best. SIFA Events understand that DJing relies on quality equipment, excellent customer service and providing audiences an outstanding musical experience they can never forget. Founded in 2013, SIFA Events has grown and done an exceptional task of promoting new and experienced DJs from all genres including Electro, House, Old School and Drum & Bass R’N’B, Trance and Hip-hop. Each of their DJs must pass their academy. So, it’s guaranteed that their DJs will deliver one of the greatest entertainments of your life. They have achieved a 5-star rating and 100% satisfaction from various types of audiences. All in all, hire such a DJ and your event will be remembered forever and you’ll be praised for choosing the best entertainment.


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