Fabulous Fabrics You Should Consider for Your Wedding Dress

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Perth wedding dresses showroom tulle wedding dressYou are excited to go on a shopping spree for your wedding gown. You might have browsed numerous wedding websites and magazines to study different wedding dress styles, how to select them according to your body type and so on. But have you thought upon an important aspect of your wedding dress? It’s the fabric! It’s very important to know about the various fabrics wedding gowns are made of because you have to wear it almost the entire day and if you are not comfortable in the fabric, your big day may turn into a problem day. Here’s a useful guide to make you aware of various materials of wedding dress, so that you can choose the right one.


Chiffon is one of the most popular fabrics in wedding gowns along with many other types of dresses. It’s popular because of being lightweight, sheer and having gorgeous looks. Since it’s so lightweight and sheer, it’s perfect for layering. Perth wedding dresses showroom has a range of wedding dresses made from chiffon and many other attractive materials. Take a look at some of them here and many more on their website.

Perth wedding dresses showroom chiffon wedding dress


Dupioni is a stiff material and is slightly rough to touch because of raised fibers. It’s made from the silk of a unique duo of silkworms that form a cocoon together. The silk strands thus formed from this double cocoon are left together during the process of spinning and here dupioni gets its characteristic sheen and texture. You may get confused between dupioni and shantung. The latter too has a similar rough texture, but not to the level of dupioni. Dupioni is known for keeping its shape well and can be worn in any season.


Tulle is a thin netted material and usually used for veils. It’s created usually from cotton, synthetic fibers, silk or a blend of fibers. You can choose from different kinds of tulle that suits your style. E.g. bridal illusion tulle is made of 100% nylon. It has a unique hexagon gauze look and is very soft. On the other hand, you can choose silk tulle too which is very fine, sheer and luxurious.

Perth wedding dresses showroom tulle wedding dress

Organza and Organdy

Both these fabrics are extremely tough, crisp and sheer but organdy is made from cotton while organza is made from silk. They are quite similar to tulle but are more flowing. Both these fabrics are perfect for stuffing skirts and adding overlays to princess gowns.

Dotted Swiss

Dotted Swiss fabric has been originated in Switzerland and weaved on handlooms. This breathable, lightweight fabric looks extremely beautiful and unique because of its characteristic pattern of dots woven within the lightweight material. It’s perfect when the weather is warm; but is mostly used for veils.

Plus there are popular materials like silk, satin, lace, taffeta, georgette and more. Ask the boutique people about these different materials and see which one you find the best so as to look your best and feel most comfortable on your big day.