Fabulous Summer Wedding Dress Ideas

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summer wedding dress ideasSummer is the most beautiful time of the year, especially loved by girls because they get a chance to wear all their beloved fashions during this time. And if you are celebrating a summer wedding, you and your bridesmaids have a great chance to flaunt the best of fashions! We are presenting here some of the best and unique summer wedding gowns from SINCERITY bridal dress house to amaze you and inspire you.

Summer is beautiful but brings some inconveniences too like excessive heat and humidity. And if it’s an outdoor wedding, the bridal party and bride may experience the inconvenience even more. Fortunately there are wedding gowns that not only suit your style but are also perfectly comfortable and dry. They are cost-effective and creative too.


In the history of bridal dresses, anything could have hardly beaten lace till date. This is an iconic and timeless fabric. One of the rich qualities of lace is it comes in a number of variations like Chantilly, Alencon, Dresden, Gros Point and more. Lace is a perfectly feminine and ethereal fabric that invigorates summer wedding with a fresh perspective, which can sometimes be rustic and sometimes sleek, with the positions of appliqués, overlays and trims taking shape around the bridal dress.

Each season haute couture designers create new bridal dress designs which reach an all new level of beauty, power and modernity.


Short Bridal Dresses

Though short nontraditional summer bridal dresses are not for every bride, they indeed are a modern trend. You can choose from tea length (just below the knees) to way-above-the-knee, in short, many flirty as well as conservative styles to choose from.

short bridal dress

Beautiful Appliqués

The French word appliqués means “to place on or lay on” and is a fun way to add a spice to a bridal dress. How? By laying a flower or another fun pattern on another larger piece of cloth and affix it to the larger fabric piece.

Since creative, fashion-pro brides love to place personal details on to their bridal dresses with brooches, sashes and other such accessories, several wedding dress designers take a cue and present many silhouettes with appliqués.


Pretty Peplums

Peplums or flared ruffles attached to the skirts, waist or jacket of dresses were popular in the 40s and 80s. Peplum has originated from a Greek work Peplos which means shawl and has once again made a comeback. Peplums on your bridal dress will offer you a more romantic look. Peplums are created from lace and tulle.


BarbiesDress.com (SINCERITY) has a still more extensive range of amazing bridal dresses which you should take a look at and you will fall in love with them. Choose one and look fabulous on your summer wedding!