Fantastic Indian Wedding Photographs You will Enjoy Seeing and Showing for Years

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FOTOSHAADI ritualsIndian weddings are famous for their colorfulness, excitement, pomp and true warmth! No wonder, photography is an important part of an Indian wedding. Photographing an Indian wedding is an enchanting experience for the photographer because of the many types of events involved in it, like exchanging vows before the sacred fire, chanting of mantras, Kanyadaan, exchanging garlands, Sindoor, Phere, Mangalsutra, and many more. Besides, as India is a melting pot of numerous cultures, the rituals vary from a slight to a large extent. Covering an Indian wedding is therefore a challenging, yet an equally fun task. is a team of some of the best wedding photographers in India who ensure to capture all the candid moments and warm emotions for you to treasure them for a lifetime.

Photojournalistic Approach

The candid wedding photographers at FotoSHAADI take a photojournalistic approach while recording your wedding and create an interesting story with a unique perspective. Therefore their photography at each and every wedding is unique and lacks the boring typicality. This is exactly opposite to what the traditional Indian wedding photographers do – covering weddings in the same manner for years.


More than Just the Presence of Relatives and Friends

Let’s face it, Indian wedding photography is typically done only to check who amongst the relatives and friends were present at the wedding. Diverting from this standard approach, FotoSHAADI’s candid wedding photographers catch freestyle wedding photographs without flash and posing, and therefore are able to capture some truly unique moments and emotions. When you will see them after your Shaadi, you will be wonderstruck because you might have hardly noticed them otherwise!

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Variety of Services

You can get a variety of services at FotoSHAADI like couple shots, cinematic wedding videos, photo booth setup, animated wedding invitations and wedding albums, along with candid wedding photography. Their photographers can shoot during the mainstream events and also shoot some of your most fantastic pre-wedding portraits at off-beat locations.

pre-wedding photo shoot

The photo-technologists at FotoSHAADI work on each and every image to give it a dramatic effect. They optimize all images both for online viewing as well as for printing, so that these images are sure to be fit for both printing and viewing, whichever medium you use for viewing them.

fotoshaadi couple shoots

What is so Special about FotoSHAADI?

FotoSHAADI is the brand name of wedding services offered by Fotobubbles – a professional company. The company with a corporate culture, assurance of quality, a dedicated project manager, an extensive range of services to choose from, services based on research and creativity, customized solutions and devotion to high standards, ensures you that you will get the best work done. The company brings the much sought after and never-before professionalism in the Indian wedding photography industry.

The default format of FotoSHAADI’s delivery is visually improved, high resolution soft copies. If they cover your full event, they typically include a regular flat-book style wedding album. If you want a printed photobook, you can also get that upon requesting for it at the time of booking and they will include it while sending you a quote.

You can see some amazing work of the skilled candid wedding photographers at FotoSHAADI in this article and many more on their website, from which you will realize how fantastic your shaadi moments will look whenever you will enjoy seeing them and showing them for years to come. Visit their Facebook page too.

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