Fantastic Wedding Photo Booth Ideas

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couple kissing and holding wedding favor photographsNo matter, whether you hire a photographer and videographer for your big day or not, ensure to hire a photo booth to offer the most delightful entertainment to you and your guests. The big difference in a photographer’s photos and photo booth photos is you and your guests can give funny poses in front of the camera in a photo booth without being afraid of anyone or looking odd! Heck, a photo booth is actually meant for such fun photos! While your photographer will take your most decent, beautiful, gorgeous and heavenly photos, you can come down to the earth feeling like a real human with your friends, only in your wedding photo booth – making faces, kissing your sweetheart, kicking, fighting and laughing! Here are four ideas you can present a photo booth on your wedding to get the most of it.

The Traditional Step-in Photo Booth

A classic step-in photo booth is a wonderful choice if you wish that your guests take back photo strips with them as wedding favors. A step-in booth can accommodate 2 to 4 people, so, though it’s great for you two or a small group of friends, you won’t get candid shots caught of your entire high school sports team.

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Frame Photo Booth

This is a wonderful space-saving photo booth idea. Give your guests plenty of cute frames to help define their pictures. It looks just adorable, and doesn’t need you to give away much of your coveted space to the photo booth.

Prop Photo Booth

Props are an inevitable and fun component of photo booth. But they work even better when you offer your guests a big, bare backdrop to play with. You can offer fun accessories like mustaches and sunglasses, colorful wigs and chalkboard signs that you can customize. And apart from the standard props, arrange special props which your guests will enjoy. Some fun ideas are moon and stars (you two can sit on the moon!), shells and conches, shark jaws, hot air balloon props, Mardi Gras stick props, and many more.

prop photo booth

Rustic Photo Booth

If you are conducting a rustic themed wedding, a rustic photo booth is obligatory! There are lots of ideas for a rustic wedding photo booth, like tree trunks, sign banners printed in antique style, wildflower twigs, antique furniture and tapestry, lanterns, stag horns, and more. In the rustic setting of your wedding venue, you can even install an open photo booth which will provide an authentically rustic backdrop and you and your guests can enjoy the golden sunshine and fragrance of wilderness, while posing before the camera.

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