Finding Cheap Wedding Rings? – It’s Easy!

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cheaper wedding ringsIf you are in search of the most important jewelry for your most beloved person, i.e. a wedding ring, you often come across a guideline set by most jewelers and it is to invest your two months’ salary for the ring. Do you see any practicality in this advice, especially if you are on a tight budget? No! So, better forget that advice and find cheap wedding rings that are the most beautiful – yes, you can get one.

Ask some questions to yourself:

  • How much can you spend on the wedding ring without having to incur debt or wrecking the budget?
  • If you spend for the ring in cash, will that put you in a bind with other future expenses?
  • Can you afford the monthly payments if your finance the ring?
  • Is the interest reasonable to you or will it go beyond the actual price of the ring, so that you will have to keep on pay for it forever?
  • Most importantly, does your fiancé want a wedding ring? Many women prefer a wedding band to a wedding ring, and if that should be sparkling, a band with diamonds or other gemstones encircling it could be a cheaper yet splendid alternative.

Cheaper Wedding Rings Alternatives

Solitaire Wedding Rings – Solitaire rings with diamonds weighing 1/3 karat set in 14 karat gold are much economical. Diamond price increases with karat size. Choose a ring with a stone weighing a bit less than its next round-figure weight – like 0.8 or 0.9 karat rather than one karat or 0.4 karat instead of 0.5 karat. The price will reduce considerably and none other than you will know the difference.

Metal Choice – Platinum is harder and tougher than gold but more expensive too because of its rareness. A 14 karat gold ring in yellow or white gold is more economical than that of platinum and will last quite finely.

Lots of Small Diamonds – Consider a ring with lots of small diamonds instead of bigger ones, because smaller gems are cheaper and plentiful. A single stone ring is more expensive than that having smaller stones with same total karat weight.

Multi-stone Ring – You will get vintage rings designed with multiple stones at antique stores and estate sales and you might end up in getting the ring of your dreams. Take caution to watch inner markings showing the metal used. Also request the jeweler to have a look at the ring, to verify if the diamonds and other stones used are genuine.

Diamond Bands – Diamond bands are superb alternatives to wedding rings and more preferred by women who don’t like the mess of a solitaire that clings to their clothing or hits in everything.

Sapphire – Synthetic sapphire is an excellent alternative to diamonds which can go with or without diamonds. It may not be natural but it is as genuine as its counterparts yielded from the earth, that too with better clarity and affordable price. And blue is not the only available color – you can have pink too, which is equally popular.

Some More Tips

  • If you have a family ring, you can get its loose diamond set in a new setting. You can reverse this too, as a new diamond or other stone can be placed in a vintage setting!
  • Look for online auctions. You can have your hand on an excellent yet affordable wedding ring. Read descriptions thoroughly and research about the seller’s reputation before bidding.

Getting a cheap wedding ring is not difficult. You just have to follow one or the other of the above instructions and you can please your fiancé with a never-before wedding ring.