Finding the Best Indian Wedding Cards in the USA

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Radha Krishna wedding cardFinding a wedding card vendor for your Indian wedding in India is no problem, but if you are in a foreign country like the USA and want to arrange a Hindu Indian wedding, finding wedding invitation cards may be a big problem. Indian wedding cards can be simple or elaborate, but they have got some things in common, the main being a lot of text. Unlike a Christian or Muslim wedding invitation card, an Indian wedding invitation doesn’t end up giving a compact matter like the names of the couple, date and venue.


elegant brown and golden peacock design cardThe outer side of an Indian wedding card can be as much decorative as anyone can imagine, or it may be simple too. But the inner side is more or less the same, typically containing some essential words. This text includes in the very beginning regards to Lord Ganesh and the ancestral deity. Next there are the names of the wedding couple and the names of their parents. Mostly the inviters of an Indian wedding are the parents of the bride or groom, and not the bride or groom herself/himself. If parents or one of them is not alive, one of the near relatives become the inviters. The name of the inviter is never single; the man’s name is always accompanied by his wife’s name as the inviter. Next there is the “Muhurta” (auspicious time) and date, which is mostly accompanied by the date according to the Hindu calendar too. Next is the venue and then is a list of other inviters which is often quite long.


wedding card in elegant gift style with red and goldenAs a particular text is essential for an Indian wedding card, a picture of Lord Ganesh is also essentially included on the inner side. In modern times, many invitations don’t have the picture of the deity.


Other Stationery

wedding card in vibrant red and golden colourUnlike Western wedding invitations, Indian wedding cards don’t contain other cards like save the dates or RSVP, though directions to reach the venue may be included.



Decoration on the Outer Side

wedding card box in purple and golden colourIn Indian wedding cards, especially Bengali wedding cards, there is a huge scope for decorating the outer side. Indian weddings contain many colorful elements that typically denote a wedding. For example, shehnai is a symbol of auspicious occasions. So are various pictures of Lord Ganesh or any Hindu God, kalash, procession with a palanquin, peacock feather, tiny silver caskets of sindoor and turmeric, and many more. Plus, with the latest technology, the surface of the invitation can be made 3-dimensional and various eye-catching colors can be added to the pictures. The card itself can be in various forms like simple paper envelopes, luxurious silk envelopes, embellished scrolls, luxuriously embellished boxes, and many more. is the only online wedding invitation company who ensures that every invitation is not just a great product but supported by a superlative service. They send every proof of the invitation for approval and you can make changes any number of times. They supply to more than 20 countries, so wherever you are in the world, you can get just the type of Indian wedding card you want. Look at some of their fantastic cards in this article and many more on their website.