Get Your Ears Pierced for Your Big Day

Posted by on Apr 20, 2014 in Wedding tips |

wedding ear piercingIt may sound strange to some of you that some brides-to-be forget to pierce their ears till the last moment. If you are one such bride or have an old piercing which is closed by now, don’t be late – have an ear piercing fast as you have to adorn your ears with beautiful earrings – a necessary jewelry in your bridal ensemble. Ear piercing is a necessary component of wedding piercing, though you may skip piercing in other body parts, even nose.

Why to Get Ears Pierced?

If you would like to flaunt your beauty on your big day, you would naturally go for real jewelry. And real jewelry is quite heavy. If you drop one of your pricy earrings during the hustle of your wedding, it may cost you like an arm and leg. To keep the real pricy earrings secured to the ears, ear piercing is preferable. If you are to wear fake clip on earrings, you may not pierce the ears. But then you will miss the joy of wearing your beautiful diamond earrings on the very special day of your life.

Other Piercings

If you are a funky and trendy bride, you can have even more piercings, like on nose, lips, tongue, navel and fingers. But these are not essential for wearing wedding jewelry. You can keep these body parts without jewelry on your wedding.


  • Never attempt piercing yourself, neither let your friend to do the job.
  • Do not numb your earlobes before piercing with numbing solutions or ointments, because they may cause allergies which make complication in the healing process.
  • Ideally you should approach a jeweler for ear piercing. They use a specialized gun for piercing and sterilize the earrings.
  • Undergo piercing when your earlobes are perfectly healthy, i.e. they have no rashes, other allergies or acne.
  • Make sure that the piercer washes her or his hands before piercing and wears a new pair of gloves for every session.
  • To prevent infections, wash the earlobes with antiseptic soap once or twice daily.
  • Wash your hands before touching the newly pierced earlobes.
  • A crusting may be formed around the piercing and on the earrings because of the yellowish fluid that drains from the earlobes after piercing. Clean it only with a cotton swab and not alcohol or peroxide.
  • Avoid water sports while your ear piercing is healing.
  • Keep the jewelry in the earlobe while the piercing is healing. This will prevent the hole from closing. The piercing will be healed within around 6 weeks. If it takes longer, contact your physician.

Don’t forget to pierce your ears before wedding keeping enough time for healing. You will be glad you did so while wearing the stunning pair of earrings on your big day.