Giant Paper Flowers to Glam Up Your Wedding Decoration

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giant paper flowerIf you want to decorate the venue of your big day with flowers but don’t like the idea of wilted flowers, why not go for paper flowers? Paper flowers look as beautiful as real flowers and they don’t wilt! You don’t have to maintain them like real flowers by placing them in water before your wedding and spraying them with water repeatedly so as to keep them fresh. They look fresh always without any maintenance. Plus you can get them in every color and color combination.

Giant Paper Flowers

How about personalizing your wedding with a big, giant flower? You can have such a colorful giant paper flower which looks fabulous and adds a unique glam to your event. You can have it in a single color or different colors. Add it to any backdrop and it will freshen up the scene and will make your wedding photos look awesome. Or place it as centerpieces or on your dessert table. You can place this giant flower anywhere and it’s bound to enliven the atmosphere.

giant paper flower 2

Paper Flower Arrangements  

Just like a single giant paper flower, flower arrangements with multiple flowers and foliage look fabulous too. You can have arrangements of Hydrangea, pink Peony, Succulent and purple and white Orchid flowers, or a unique arrangement of Calla Lilies and Magnolia in custom vases and beautifully tucked green leaves providing the arrangement with a gracious green radiance. You can place these too anywhere and they will accentuate the beauty of your event.

giant paper flower arrangment

Silk Flowers

Just like paper flowers, silk flowers too look beautiful and have no risk of wilting with no maintenance needed. Plus silk has an innate shine because of which the flowers look glossy and naturally fresh. You can have single to multi-blooming plants brightening up your occasion just as you want it.

giant paper flower golden

Candle Arrangements

You can also get beautiful candle arrangements with these faux flowers that will add an unmatched glow to your big day. You can have these candle-and-flower arrangements by placing the flowers around the candles without any vase or in superb wine glasses.

Plus there are countless decorating ideas with which these giant faux flowers will awe your guests and you will feel proud while watching your wedding photos with them for years to come.

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giant paper flower