Gold Engagement Ring – You have a Wide Choice

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yellow gold ringUsually while considering engagement and wedding rings, the stone it will hold is given a lot of importance. However, you should also consider the metal in which the stone will be set. After all, without this metal the stone cannot stand alone! Gold engagement rings are very popular today; but how to differentiate between the different gold types? Should it depend on the strength or looks of the metal or is it totally dependent on your personal preference? Let’s see.

Different Types of Gold

Gold has been the metal of choice for engagement and wedding rings for years. Man has been in love with the bright yellow metal since it was found inside the earth. However, today gold comes in different colors too. Let’s see which of them you can choose for your precious possession – your engagement ring!

Yellow Gold: While yellow gold is considered the purest of gold types, it is actually mixed with metals like copper and zinc to give it the required strength. As the purest gold is less durable, usually 14K or 18K gold is used for engagement rings. It looks beautiful against the diamond or any other stone and is perfect for daily use.

Usually yellow gold looks nice on anyone, but it looks especially beautiful on darker skin tones, while less impressive on rosy skin.

yellow gold ring

White Gold: White gold is an alloy of gold and another metal like manganese, palladium or nickel. White gold rings usually consist of nickel which offers strength to the ring and its setting. White gold engagement ring is perfect for those who love the look of platinum but don’t want to splurge on a platinum ring.

White gold is also stronger than yellow gold which means it’s more resistant to dents and scratches.

White gold requires regular polishing and cleaning. You also have to dip it every few years so as to retain its color and luster. This is an inexpensive procedure and many jewelers provide it for free.

white gold ring

Rose Gold: This is an alloy of gold and copper and is sometimes also known as pink gold or red gold or even Russian gold as it was very popular in Russia in the 19th century. Rose gold is also a popular choice for engagement rings as it offers the ring a very romantic look. It also goes well with all types of settings, but especially appealing for a vintage theme. Moreover you can also combine it with yellow and white gold rings to achieve a unique tricolor ornamentation.

Another quality of rose gold is though it looks soft and romantic, it is the strongest of all the gold types. However, if you are allergic to copper, you should better stay away from this pink metal. In that case, yellow gold is your best bet.

rose gold ring

Green Gold: Green gold is quite uncommon as it has not yet been popularized. But it has an outstanding green shade that shows vicinity to nature. The shade is achieved by mixing zinc, silver and copper with yellow gold. You can use green gold engagement ring too with rose and white gold rings to create an exceptional tricolor look.

green gold ring

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