Gorgeous Trends in Wedding Dress Details

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rhinestonesYou are going to be the beauty queen on your wedding day! And the major component of your beauty is your wedding dress. You want the most gorgeous, most ravishing and the dreamiest dress for your big day. How can you choose such a wedding dress? Here are some of the most fabulous wedding dress details which have the ability to add the most desired drama to your bridal gown. All these wedding gowns are presented by Veaul.

Handmade Flowers

Nothing can match these handmade embroidered flowers on the bridal gown. This A-line lace gown is perfect for outdoor wedding venues like beach and gardens.

handmade flowers

Appliqués with Beads

This is one of the finest examples of creativity turned into beauty. This organza wedding dress has been adorned with superb appliqués and beads throughout the bodice and skirt. The bright white details maintain the traditional hue on the gorgeous champagne dress.

appliques and beads


This fantastic gown proves that you can get some serious texture and a major volume in a single stylish sweep. Seamstresses have connected scores of strips of fabric to create the bodice and skirt and have arranged them in a fabulous cascading pattern, and the handmade flowers flying upward to the shoulders add a drama.



And who can forget lace? Lace has offered beauty, femininity and delicacy to wedding dresses since ages, in all cultures. This superb dress is asymmetrical short satin wedding dress fully adorned with true lace and is a lovely example of modernity with a traditional touch.



No woman can stay away from the temptation of shine! Rhinestones have long become a necessary element of wedding dresses of brides who love to shine. This ravishing dress is adorned with rhinestones and appliqués that create a dazzling 3D effect. It’s a simple yet striking addition to your wedding dress that can make you look queen of the day!


Veaul.com has countless wedding dresses and party dresses which you should take a look at. Maybe you will find your dream dress or an inspiration for one here.