Great Tips for Your Great Pre-wedding Photos

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pre-wedding photoIf while choosing your wedding photographer, you have kept a criterion of excellent pre-wedding shoot, it’s really a nice decision. Because of the pre-wedding photo-shoot, you can know your photographer better and vice versa. It’s also a great rehearsal of facing camera comfortably on the actual big day. Here are some excellent tips regarding your pre-wedding photo shoot shared by Ewan Cameron and Chris Logue, professional wedding photographers at Glasgow.

Choose a Photographer whose Work Appeals You the Most

As all of us see things differently, all photographers too see things differently through their cameras. In a pre-wedding shoot, the photographer’s unique vision and style are seen. So, don’t just choose any photographer. Research, view portfolios of different photographers and compare them with each other, so that you can decide whose work is appealing you the most.

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What Type of Photos You Want?

Pre-wedding photo session will start telling your love story; so, you better decide the type of pictures you will want. For example, would you love to start your love story with the place where you met for the first time, like a restaurant, your college campus, or a historic monument? If you think upon, you will get a lot of ideas and you will realize that the pre-wedding photos would be the best photos you can get as a couple from your photographer. Also, because there is ample time for wedding, the photographer and you can decide the details of the shoot.

You may also want to post these pictures on your social networking sites to pass your love story to your friends. Discuss whatever your plans are with your photographer and s/he may give valuable suggestions based on her/his experience. The more you will discuss, the more clearer would be the idea of what you want to your photographer, and s/he can catch the best photos of your life on your actual wedding day.

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Make a List

Making a list of shots you want is perhaps the best idea to avoid the last minute hassle. Some popular shots may be:

  • Sunrise/sunset
  • Silhouettes
  • Backdrops of famous landmarks
  • Backdrop of your favorite places where
  • you met for the first time and/or spend your romantic moments
  • Humorous shots
  • Lifestyle type of photos, like that are seen in magazines
  • Sexy photos 🙂

sexy photo

Clothes to Wear for Pre-wedding Shoot

Discuss with your photographer what type of outfits you will need based on the shots you want. Due to their experience, they are the best guides for this. E.g. for silhouette photos, your photographer may suggest you to wear clinging type of clothes so that your best figure can be seen, while ethnic wear would be the best for photos against historic monuments. Remember to avoid green dresses while shooting in the nature, as the color may merge with the surrounding greenery. You will also have to consider your partner’s clothes for choosing your own clothes; in this too your photographer can make valuable suggestions.


Take a look at some of the excellent pre-wedding photos caught by Ewan Cameron and Chris Logue in this article and many more on their website and you will be amazed by the creativity and realize why you should choose real expert and professional photographers for your pre-wedding and wedding photos.