Great Tips to Have a Wonderful Cruise Wedding

Posted by on Feb 10, 2016 in Managing Wedding, Misc Wedding Articles, Wedding tips | you are in love with oceans or you have not thought much of them, wedding on a cruise is an idea that you will find the most romantic. Imagine yourself tying the knot in the presence of a uniformed captain of the cruise in the middle of a vast ocean, in presence of only your near and dear ones, as cruise wedding is characteristically a small affair. Daniel Da Silva, the owner of Any Boat, a Sydney Harbour Wedding Cruise company, shares tips on what to consider while planning a cruise wedding.

Things to Consider while Planning an Onboard Wedding

Several couples choose to tie the knot on many public ferry wharves since they get waterside parks close by, giving outstanding views and photographing opportunities. Typically, cruise vessels may only halt at a public pier for commuters to board and get off; they are not permitted to hang around for prolonged periods of time, and so, timing is extremely important. If you are planning to hold the wedding ceremony itself onboard, being “late” is absolutely not advisable.

So, the wedding couple as well as all their guests should be on time. Most people attach a note to their invitation which has information like the vessel’s name and contact details of a water taxi, which is a provision for potential latecomers.

Several vessels designed for wedding provide many decks, normally with the top deck exposed to the elements, at least partially. Stairs have to be present between decks and usually towards washrooms.


You should choose your clothing carefully as, being on the water, the boat may be buffered by the elements. Very long veils may create interesting wedding photos with winds, while a very tight dress can make stairs challenging.

Other Useful Tips

  • Prepare your guest list in advance so as to book an appropriate boat to accommodate your number.
  • Prepare a checklist carefully for your cruise, including flowers, photographer, menu, changing room, and so on.
  • Discuss with your dress designer what should be included and avoided in your wedding dress, so as to suit to a cruise wedding.
  • Dresses of your bridesmaids too should be designed to be suitable to cruise ceremony, as you won’t want your ceremony spoiled by some unwanted incident.
  • High heels should be worn carefully by both – you and your bridesmaids. Unless you are well habituated to them, you better don’t wear them, as boarding, using stairs and getting down can be extremely difficult with them if you are not used to wear them.
  • Consider your elderly guests. Preferably assign a “minder” for each of these guests. is one of the few charter boat companies that can access boats across Australia as well as has contacts in the US and Europe for those who want to hire a boat abroad. Any Boat boasts of their ability to find a boat for you for almost any occasion. Take a look at some of their beautiful cruises in this article and many more on their website. Their client list includes VIPs, international celebs, corporate, small and big businesses as well as individuals.