Great Ways to Incorporate Perfumes in Your Wedding

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wedding perfumeYour big day is heavenly for you. You are excited about it and you want to make it as beautiful, as elegant, as stylish and as memorable as you can. How about making it scented? A perfume makes the atmosphere more energetic, more cheerful and more beautiful than it is. There are so many ways you can incorporate perfumes in your wedding to create an unforgettable atmosphere. Visit Peacock Parfumerie for finding a surprising range of great perfumes and the ways you can include them in your event. Let’s look at some of them.

Perfume Pendant Necklace

Brides love rings and necklaces with lovely pendants. Why not make your wedding jewelry scented? Choose a perfume pendant necklace to wear on your big day. The top of the pendant can be unscrewed and a little of perfume or essential oil can be poured out. The nice crystal pendant filled with your favorite scent will be close to your heart all through the day, making you fragrant all the time.

pefume-pendant necklace

Perfumed Candles

Create a dreamy atmosphere with lovely-looking candles which give out a mild and delightful fragrance upon lighting. They make a beautiful landscape along with your other wedding decoration with their deeply saturated colored wax. Thus they are good-looking too, while being perfumed.

perfumed candles

Incorporate into Wedding Photos

During your getting ready photography session, ask your photographer to take the photo of the bottle of the perfume you are going to wear for the ceremony. Your perfume is as important as your bridal gown, makeup and jewelry.

bride getting ready with perfume

Bridesmaids’ Gifts

Offer your bridesmaids and guests for bridal shower gifts of mini perfume vials. You can get these attractive-looking mini vials at several perfumers online.

bridesmaids' perfume vials

A Perfumed Surprise for Your Partner

Not only you, but your partner too should smell nice. Give him a surprise with his favorite perfume on your special day.

groom's perfume

Perfumed Wreaths

Perfumed wreaths create a warm, pleasurable atmosphere throughout your wedding. Hang such fragrant wreaths on each door of the venue not only to look good but to spread lovely fragrances.

perfumed wreath

You can incorporate your favorite scents in your very special day in numerous ways. That will make your happiest day even more blissful.