Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Wedding tips |

Wedding gifts and favors present a very nice way of saying thank you for coming on our wedding day, but also for being there for us in good and in bad. If you are a bride, you are probably too excited thinking about your bridal party, bridesmaids attire and gifts. But, don’t forget your fiance who surely thinks about how to thank his best friends for being his support and companions for a long period of time. If you are a groom, then you want to show your appreciation to your best buds for ushering aunt Margaret down the aisle, avoiding to say anything obscene or bizarre during the toast and for renting and wearing the tuxedos. So, we will try to share some tips on buying groomsmen gifts, but to stick to your budget.

The most important tip – brides, stay away! Well, of course you can help your fiance if he is in doubt, but leave this part of wedding planning up to him to figure out what will be the best gift for his own friends. Even if you like spending time with them, still you are not their buddy. So, grooms, do not buy anything that has your bride’s signature on it. Well, this gift is a sort of saying goodbye to your previous bachelor lifestyle, so it has to come from you, not from your future wife.

Engraved gift for your best man or groomsmen is always a good way to give something personalized. Even if it is something simple and common, if it is engraved, it will certainly be more meaningful. Guy things, such as a leather or silver flask is classic, yet practical gift.

Think of something you secretly wish you had, but could never purchase for yourself. However, avoid buying some too outrageous items, because your groomsmen might find it funny but non-useful. But hand-carved pipes are a nice idea, aren’t they?