Hairstyles to Freshen You Up!

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hairstylesHair is an important part of our personality and the more you style it the more beautiful you look. There are innumerable hairstyles you can wear like long hairstyles, medium length hairstyles, short hairstyles, and so on. While choosing a hairstyle if you are going to attend a wedding as a guest or a bridesmaid, or if you are the bride yourself, you should consider some aspects of your face and try to accentuate them through the style. A good stylist chooses the style which does this. Let’s see some hairstyles which will highlight some of your beauty features.

Chin Length Bob

You would love to bob your hair while moving your face, won’t you? And this is the very achievement of this cute chin length bob hairstyle. You will have to memorize a few styling tips though, like applying a finishing product. E.g. for a straight, smooth look smoothing cream or styling serum is the best for the hair tips. Due to this, the layers will be clearly flaunted and the hair will shine. Other products you can apply are hair spray, mousse and smoothing lotion. This hairstyle is suitable to heart-shaped, diamond, oval or square face shape. Look at Katie Holmes and you will agree that the hairstyle is perfect if you have one of these face shapes.

Katie Holmes will make her broadway debut later in the year.

Short Curly Hairstyle

If you have a round face, short curly hairstyle will make you look more confident doing everything. An awesome feature of this hairstyle is you can make your hair into any sort every day and take a new look. E.g. a casual short curly hairstyle combines curls on top and a layer in the back, which corresponds to your young side and is great for thick hair. On the other hand, if you have an oval, square or long face, wear a style with French braid fringe which combines fun bouncy curls dancing across the front side of your face. And being short the style is easy to manage too. Thus this hairstyle adds the elegance your persona deserves. Take a look at Eva Longoria’s lovely bouncy curls.

eva longoria-short curly

Medium Length Waves

Medium length hairstyles are one of the most awesome styles because they generally go with any face shape and offer a new look every time. And if you choose to wear casual waves, they offer an utterly chic, free-flowing, full, easy-going look to the hair. You can choose to have heavy length watches, shoulder-length graduated layers or also uneven cuts uniform layer.

medium-length waves

Fringed Bangs

If done by the right stylist, fringed bangs hairstyles give an awesome look to any face. Fringed bangs are fun and flirty but you have to choose the style carefully. It can accentuate all your beauty and can create a great flamboyancy. And it will go with any texture or length of the hair. You can choose from wispy bangs, side swept bangs, smooth flat fringed bangs, and so on.


Long Hairstyle

Women with oval face shape are considered lucky because literally any style goes with their face shape. But those with round face think that their face doesn’t look good in any style. Actually a round face shape is young-looking and rarely shows signs of aging. Regarding hairstyles, there are several of them which suit a round face. But especially long hairstyles are the best. A face framing effect is the main feature of long hairstyles. Long layers hide the broadness of cheeks with beauty and make hair look slimmer. And this is perhaps an effortlessly glamorous look.


Any hairstyle you choose, choose it according to your face shape and don’t be afraid of experimenting. Trying a new hairstyle for an occasion like wedding will not only bring a nice change to your persona but will also freshen you up.