Have Great Ideas & Great Time in Bridal Shows!

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Bridal shows present a nice opportunity for brides-to-be to get acquainted with different requirements for their wedding and plan accordingly. A bridal show brings you various vendors associated with wedding industry. It is a showcase of dealers of wedding gowns and tuxedos, caterers, travel agents, wedding coordinators, wedding photographers, cake designers, florists and many others that are required in a wedding.

How Big is the Event?

A bridal show may be an intimate one with a dozen vendors or it may be a huge affair going on for a couple of days or more and containing hundreds of vendors.




How Can You Know About the Show?

Bridal shows are conducted off and on, in hotels, convention centers, or other big venues. If you have registered with a matrimony site, you will regularly get information about bridal shows in your area, in your inbox. If not, you can regularly check bridal shops, wedding publications and websites for their information.

Is there any Fees?

Some bridal shows are free, while others may charge $10 or more. You can also come across some participating vendors who give away free tickets or coupons at their shops. You can also get a coupon in the newspaper. And if you are registered somewhere as a bride-to-be, you also may get a free entry or a discounted ticket.

Can you Take Anybody with You?

Yes, of course! Taking someone with you will be of great help to decide things and be at ease. You can take your mother, fiancée, a close friend or anyone and more than one.

Why to Pre-register?

Pre-registering is time-saving. If you have not pre-registered, you will be asked to register when you arrive at the event, which is time-consuming. Even pre-registering may offer you a free or rebated ticket, or some other offer, like a front-seat ticket for the fashion show, a special prize, or any such pleasant surprise, which you may not get when you register at the entry gate.


Is Food Provided at the Show?

Many bridal shows feature food tastings, of hotels, caterers and country clubs, while at many others, you can buy food in the premises. Most of the shows feature tasty treats, like wedding cakes, champagne or chocolate fountain. And some shows even have a full-fledged bar with various beverages.



Are Prizes Really Given?

Yes! Some brides actually come across pleasant surprises like a honeymoon in the Caribbean or a dinner for two in a fine restaurant, which they cannot believe. So, fill as many entries as are available. It is true that you will get a lot of junk in your mailbox, but it is certainly worth. Vendors send coupons, discounts, offers or just useful information to plan your wedding. It is also common that companies give away sets of kitchenware or overnight stays in good hotels, or a holiday in Hawaii.

Unlicensed Vendors – What to Do of Them?

Vendors, who meet you outside the venue and try to convince you about their services, are not worth your time and attention, because they are not licensed and so, cannot be trusted. In such a case, bring this matter to the notice of the authorities or some licensed vendor and it will be taken care of.

A bridal show should be attended to get some of the best ideas and supplies for your wedding and to spend some great time. It will surely be of your help on your big day.