Have Online DIY Wedding Invitations and Sweet Memories will be with You Forever

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Ulemulem WordPress wedding invitation themeAre you dreaming of the most fabulous wedding invitations that too created by you? Believe it or not, wedding invitations are the most important component of a wedding. It tells your guests what type of wedding they are going to attend, how stylish the bride and groom are, what type of celebration they will be enjoying and a lot more. So, if you are willing to create a loveliest, most attractive yet the most functional online invitation for your big day, you can do it through the Responsive Wedding WordPress Theme! How? Let’s see.

Ulemulem – the Responsive Wedding WordPress Theme

Ulemulem is a modern wordpress wedding theme with a clean, clear, modern yet simple concept to offer you a template other than those which are usually easily available. So, your online wedding invitation is going to look much more elegant than the commonplace ones. This theme offers numerous options through an easy to navigate menu. And therefore it is just perfect for the invitation of your big day!

Benefits of Online Wedding Invitation

There are countless benefits of online wedding invitations. Firstly you can send your invitations anywhere in the world within minutes! Secondly it is not at all bulky because it is digital. It doesn’t occupy any space in your real world. You don’t have to print copies (you can if you want though) for sending it, with one click you can send it to multiple guests. You can create it and send it through any device – PC, laptop, or phone. The Ulemulem themed wedding invitation can be created and used on any device like Android and iOS phones and tablets. So, you can create your invitation even on the go! The most important benefit is it is eco-friendly because it doesn’t involve paper and thereby saves trees.

Easy to Use

Ulemulem is extremely easy to use. You just have to download it and it will work for you. Choose from amongst their numerous fabulous templates and make the invitation the most beautiful as per your liking.

Responsive Layout

Ulemulem has got a fun responsive layout because of which you can make changes and additions quickly as per your creativity going wild!

Unlimited Color

This is one of the best features of Ulemulem which usually doesn’t occur in other themes – unlimited colors! You can choose to have a plethora of shades of one single color that matches your wedding color theme or multiple colors. You can choose to have pastel colors or brighter, more lively hues. From the colors of your wedding invitations, your guests too will know what type of celebration it would be.

Ulemulem WordPress wedding invitation theme

Flipbook Page Transition Effect Included

Your wedding invitation can look like a flipbook with the special effect provided by the amazing wordpress theme. This type of invitation certainly looks much more elegant than the usual designs and it also gives your guests an idea of your stylishness and classiness.

3-in-1 Template

Ulemulem is a 3-in-1 template so as to enable you to have a wide choice regarding the looks of your invitations.

Timeline Story

You can create a timeline story of your engagement, proposal and the proposed wedding and its planning! Get your guests involved into the enjoyment of your love story. There are countless ideas and you just have to trigger your creativity to make it more and more delightful. Let romance be spread throughout the invitation!

Count Down & Up Timer

This is also a fantastic feature of Ulemulem which is usually not available in the commonly occurring invitations. Your big moment is approaching slowly, making you more and more eager to unite with your sweetheart. Let the countdown begin – day by day, hour by hour, minute by minute, moment by moment!

Homepage Slideshow

On the homepage, there would be a wonderful slideshow of your engagement and other photos with a brief account if you want. This would be certainly a great addition to your wedding invites and your guests will appreciate it.

Custom Widgets

It is a specialty of WordPress that their widgets are fantastically useful. For your wedding invitation theme too you can make full use of these widgets through which you can make several attractive additions to your invites to make it still more beautiful and reflective of your personality.

Image Parallax

Beautiful image parallax offered by Ulemulem creates a unique look to your wedding invites. If you have chosen a colorful image for your cover page, or any inside page, the colors can look like layers stacked above each other when viewed from different angles.

Scroll Animation Effect

Scroll animation effect is another wonderful feature of Ulemulem theme and it makes your invite look classy and innovative, standing out from the rest.


Your guests too have been taken care of by your innovative wedding invitation. A RSVP form is provided by the theme so that you can get an up-to-date info of guests’ attendance.

Map Location

This is also a must in a wedding invitation. Some venues are not so famous and your guests might not know their exact location. If you have chosen such a location, a map is very necessary and it is provided by Ulemulem. And even if you have chosen a famous location, the guests who will be coming from outside your city, state or country should know the location of your venue, for which the feature of map location is extremely useful.

People Greeting

This is an utterly fun feature and you can customize it as per your own wish. People getting invitations from you can respond to you in any form – blessings, funny comments, poems, cartoons, quotes, pictures, emoticons, jokes or anything! This will offer you amusement and nice feeling about the whole romantic affair.

Photo Gallery

You can also add a photo gallery before or after your wedding and keep adding to them! So, your friends will be regularly updated.

2 Menu Navigation

A very convenient 2-menu navigation is offered to you by Ulemulem theme which is very easy to use and you can access the various features with just one or two clicks or taps.

So, if you want to have the most stylish and most beautiful wedding invitation, go the greener way – have the online wedding invitation by Ulemulem responsive wedding WordPress theme and you will keep the sweet memories with you forever!