How can the Fine Art of Calligraphy Make Your Wedding Special

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Antique Arabesque Mirror Tile Place by Bella Graphic InkFrom your wedding invitation to your favor labels, handwritten calligraphy offers your wedding stationery a classy, elegant look. Here are some useful tips for you about using calligraphy in your big day to make it special.

Where can You Use It?


Calligraphy is traditionally set aside for the inner and outer envelopes of wedding invitations. However, you can include it elsewhere too. For example, you can use it on menu cards, ceremony programs, escort cards and favor tags too. While calligraphy can’t be incorporated in the entire invitation (since it can be difficult to read and can be expensive) spot calligraphy can be used to highlight important matter such as your names, venue name etc as an increasingly popular option.


Printed Vs. Handwritten


While the beauty of calligraphy is when it’s handwritten, you also have the option of printed calligraphy which is easier and less expensive. However, if you want a stylish option, hand calligraphy is the right one, while when you are on a budget, printed calligraphy is more viable.


Time Required


Most calligraphers need at least two weeks, though it actually depends on the type and size of your project. Remember that just as any other popular vendor gets booked fast, a calligrapher too can. So, if you are opting for calligraphy, book a good calligrapher well in advance and don’t leave the task to the last minute, or you might have to pay a rush fee.


Choosing a Calligraphy Artist


You should look for a calligraphy artist who is highly trained and experienced and can produce a list good references and a great portfolio. Experience creates quality in work and confidence too. You can also ask for samples. While checking samples, look for consistency in stroke, shape, spacing, size and rhythm if they are resulting in perfection.

Once you narrow down the list of calligraphy artists you should consider, send them emails asking for basic details and quotes. Convey your wedding date, estimated guest count and a rough description of your wedding style, and also the services you want (e.g. envelop calligraphy, favor tags, escort card labels etc) so that the calligrapher can give you as accurate quote and timeline as possible. Also check how you can book the calligrapher; some want you to sign a contract and some require deposits too.


Select Your Style


There are quite a few options of styles you can select from, the most traditional being copperplate, which features alternate thick and thin lines. Another popular style is Italian which is slanted and features oval-shaped letters. Plus, every calligrapher has his own style. You can check their portfolio and select a style which you love the most.

So, choose this awesome style for your wedding invitations and impress your guests.