How Do Most Brides Choose To Wear Tiaras

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transformatble tiaraBridal tiara is perhaps the most appealing part of a bride’s ensemble, because except for the wedding day she isn’t going to wear it again (of course, unless she is a queen or a princess!). However it is often seen that due to excitement or whatever, the choice of this tiny yet remarkable trinket goes wrong and the bride has to repent for the rest of her life, while looking at the wedding photos. You should get equipped with some knowledge before your big day, about how bridal tiaras are to be donned.

Matching Size with the Gown

By and large, a bridal gown is huge and if the other accessories are not proportionate to its size, the bride can be eaten up! This is true for the tiara too. Rather, tiara is the most important piece of jewelry which maintains the balance of that big skirt. If your gown has a full skirt, you should choose a proportionately large tiara; otherwise you may look bottom heavy and unbalanced.

tiara and gown matching

Wear Something Changeable

The expert milliner, Ellen Christine, recommends brides to wear something as a headpiece on that special moment, that can be changed at the time of reception. Especially if you wear something which is integrated into the design, you can take it off.  E.g. Ellen created a lace cap, blended with a short veil and a fascinator (a small artistic hair accessory), which on reception could be worn only with the fascinator with the lace cap and veil removed.

transformatble tiara2

Look at the Trend

The present trend of bridal headpieces is of the traditional one after the times of wearing nothing on the head, wearing a fascinator with little feathers and flowers, and wearing a bridal cage veil. Today, transformation is the best way. Wear the traditional veil for the ceremony which can be removed and a French bird cage veil can be left for the reception. The once very-popular tiaras are still the choice of most brides.


What to Choose First – Gown or Tiara?

For non-bridal wear it is ok to choose first the headpiece and then the costume. But when you are choosing it for your wedding, you should first choose your gown, and accordingly you should choose the tiara. It is ok if you have a perfect idea about the shape of your wedding gown, to choose the headpiece according to that. But what is basically important is to choose tiara as per the gown’s shape.

tiara and gown matching2