How to Announce Your Marriage

Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Wedding tips |

A marriage ceremony is a special event celebrating the fact that two people decided to unite as one. Typically, the bride and the groom exchange their rings and kisses and say their “I do’s”. The wedding day is a formal celebration of love and happiness, an event full of emotions and touching moments. So, how to announce your marriage? It is the first thing that you and your partner are doing together as a husband and a wife, so it is important to do it properly.

Keep in mind that sending out the announcements is not the same as sending out invitations for your big day. You invite your guests before the marriage ceremony, so they will participate your big event and you do not have to inform them on what they have already seen. Therefore, announcements should be sent to all those people who were not invited to your wedding. Of course, if you have a big wedding and you have invited almost everyone important, you can place a wedding announcement in the local newspapers. However, if you have a smaller wedding, it is alright to send wedding announcements to all those friends and family members who you did not have room to accommodate. And do not forget your virtual friends. Therefore, after your wedding ceremony, announce your marriage on your social network profile. will help you spread the great news around with a customized wedding Facebook cover.

Think about your wedding announcements several weeks prior the big day and prepare them. This is good, because after the wedding day, you will surely need some time to get rest and to enjoy your honeymoon. Therefore, it is better to have the wedding announcements printed at least few days in advance of the marriage ceremony, so that you can put the stack of completed announcements in the mail a day or two after the wedding and leave on your lovely honeymoon.