How to Appear Thinner on Your Big Day?

Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Wedding tips |

We all look forward to our big day, but we are little anxious about it. Will I look as beautiful as I should? Will I succeed in my mission to lose a few pounds? Well, most of the future brides are completely focused on planning their wedding day, that they hardly stick to their workout regimen and diet plan. But, are there ways to look thinner in our wedding gowns without gym workout on everyday basis and unhealthy diets? Luckily, the answer is yes and we will share some tips with you.

Choose the right wedding gown! Yes, wedding gowns should be lovely, match your wedding style and theme, but most important, they should flatter our figures. So, if you need to hide your hips, then empire waist gowns or strapless full-skirted bridal dress will do the magic. In case you want to create or show of your lovely curves, mermaid-style wedding gowns will do it. So, focus on what suits you best! Our optimal tip is a-line silhouette, because it flatters every figure.

High heels! Even though they are everything but not comfortable, heels will boost your height and that will make you appear thinner. Wedge heels will also do this trick, but in smaller proportions.

Undergarments have to be perfect if you want your figure to look thinner. Therefore, choose the right bra for your wedding gown and, in case a part or all of the lower half of the dress is fitted, purchase some nice quality shapewear.

The right pose! Even the brides that are not overweight can look fat in their wedding photos, therefore striking the right pose is important. Shoulders should be kept back and if you push your chin forward, you will flatter your jawline. If there is a possibility, it is cool to keep your body just slightly turned, because you will appear slimmer than when you are facing straight at the camera. The best way to pose is to tilt shoulders toward the camera with hips on an angle, because this way both your hips and your waist will look narrower.