How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Shoes?

Posted by on Jan 5, 2012 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

Being the bride is like daydreaming and getting married is one of the most wonderful occasions in one’s life. It does not matter if we are common people, our wedding we want to be like some celebrity weddings and we want to feel like being in the center of the Universe. But being in the spotlights is not so easy, because everything have to look perfect and every bride is aware of that. If the bride chooses beautiful wedding dress and beautiful shoes, there is a possibility that they still not perfect together. We will share some tips and ideas how to choose the wedding shoes that would match perfectly with the wedding dress on the big day.

First of all, it is obvious that the wedding theme affects wedding dress and shoes. It is good to determine the type of the wedding before buying clothes and accessories. For a formal wedding and formal wedding dress, traditional shoes are good choice, while for the beach wedding, rhinestone white flip flop sandals are more appropriate. If couple is having an outdoor spring wedding, satin may easily stain in grass, so satin wedding shoes may not be acceptable. Talking about fabric, it is good to know that satin works great with some shiny fabrics and crepe shoes may be smashing for matte sheen wedding dresses. For lacy wedding dress, pick the lacy shoes and you won’t be wrong.

The white color vary and that is the fact. For that reason, before buying the shoes, it is recommended to take a swatch of wedding dress fabric. A bridal rinse is useful in toning shoes down to work with the wedding gown, if they are not available in exact color you need. When going to the final alterations it is good to have the shoes bought, because the hem of the wedding dress is to be determined by the wedding shoes. Therefore, it is necessary to pick the heel height before the final wedding gown fitting.