How to Design a Wedding Color Palette You Will Love

Posted by on Jun 2, 2012 in Wedding tips |

"orange and red"The color palette you choose for your wedding will influence the style, formality, and overall ambiance of your event. Not only that, but you will be seeing a lot of it in everything from tablecloths to bridesmaid jewelry to flowers, so it is important that you are really happy with it. When you look back over your wedding pictures 20 years from now, you should think, “Wow, my wedding was beautiful!”, not “Ugh, what was I thinking with those awful colors?”. Use these tips to learn how to design a wedding color palette that you will truly love.

Start With Swatches: One of the best ways to figure out which colors really work well together is to look at paint samples or fabric swatches. Head to your local home improvement store and feast your eyes on all of the colorful cards. It won’t be long before you realize that you are consistently being attracted by certain hues. Once you have your main color selected, you can play around with the samples until you find a pair or trio that looks great together. Be sure to keep in mind that you will be using those colors in much bigger areas than the little squares, though, so be careful about committing to something for big scale elements that would be best used as an accent. In other words, ten bridesmaids dressed in shocking pink satin dresses with matching sets of bridesmaid jewelry might be a bit much. However, ten bridesmaids dressed in navy dresses with shocking pink bouquets would look awesome.

Consider the Season: Certain colors always have particular seasonal associations, particularly when used in familiar combinations. That is why red and green remind us of Christmas and a pastel rainbow looks like Easter egg colors. If you are getting married in the season in which the colors are commonly used, that is just fine. However, if your wedding will be at a different time of the year, you may need to tweak the color palette a bit. If you like red and green together, for example, and you will be a July bride, swap out holiday scarlet and forest green for cherry red and lime green to put a seasonal twist on the hues. In other instances, the bride might want to steer away from the typical colors for her wedding season. Perhaps you feel that fall foliage colors are overdone for autumn weddings; steer clear of the oranges, browns, and yellows and create an elegant color palette like plum, copper, and moss green instead. It is still seasonal, but much more original.

Decide on Formality: Your wedding colors need to make sense with the overall formality of your celebration. Metallic shades like silver and gold automatically add elegance, while vibrant palettes of fuchsia and tangerine are more casual. Typically formal weddings may have more subdued colors, such as champagne, navy, plum, and soft pink. Informal weddings tend to be brighter and mix colors with more daring like aqua and crimson. To some extent your wedding venue will affect the formality, so think about how the colors you like work in the space. Wild colors that look fantastic for a beach party will clash with a grand ballroom. On the flip side, very formal hues could seem a bit dull or unimaginative for a casual outdoor bash.

With all of these tips in mind, it will be easy to come up with signature hues for your wedding. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you absolutely love the colors. When your wedding color palette is decided, planning your event will be a piece of cake.

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