How to Do Gel Nails Yourself to Look Stunning on Your Big Day

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gel nails for brideGel nails, a comparatively new type of bridal beauty aid, has quickly become one of the most popular services on the market. The main reason why brides prefer gel polish to the recently decreased acrylics is because Gel is thinner and more flexible and doesn’t chip as easily, so, convenient to sustain for the entire day. Therefore, doing gel nails will ensure that the polish stays on and you completely continue to look fabulous throughout your big day.

You might feel however that gel nails are hard to do. But the truth is you can easily learn how to do gel nails yourself, saving you countless trips to the salon.

How to correctly remove them

The only reason why most brides find it difficult to do gel nails by themselves is because not many of them know how to remove them easily. Most brides end up in a mess of the process and the gel nails stick to their nails like concrete. In that case it is always advisable to go back to the salon to have them removed, because they should be removed professionally. In short, it is important to know how to remove gel nails before you know how to apply. This will make it easy to repeat the process later. Here are step by step instructions to help you remove gel nails.

  • Begin by filing the top layer of the gels until the shine comes off
  • Cut a sheet of tin foil into small squares that will fit on your fingernails
  • Soak a piece of cotton ball in remover that is 100% acetone
  • Place the soaked cotton balls on your nails ensuring that the entire finger is covered. Cover with the foil and leave it for 15 minutes. Don’t peek
  • After 15 minutes all of the gel should have come off. So remove the foil wrappers slowly.

How to Do Gel Nails Yourself

Now that you know how to remove the gel from your nails, it is time to learn how to put them back on. These set of instructions should help you to do gel nails easily.

  • Apply a cuticle remover around the base of your nails to help push the skin off the nail plate easily.
  • Then apply a thin layer of the base gel to the nails and cure the nails in a UV or LED lamp
  • Working with a very thin coat, apply the color
  • Then apply a coat of top gel over the entire nail coating the color completely. Treat again in UV or LED lamp
  • You may need to remove the tacky layer that you may find after curing under LED or UV lamp. If you need to do this, use a cotton ball dipped in isopropyl alcohol
  • Finish by rubbing cuticle oil on the skin around the nails.

A best thing to do is do gel nails along with your bridesmaids, with you wearing a matching yet distinct design as that of your bridesmaids. If you want, you and all the other girls can start practicing this some days before the wedding date, so that you all can do it proficiently on the actual day of wedding and you will look stunning in your gel nails. has a mind-blowing range of gel nails for you and your bridesmaids. They also provide free nail art guide upon request. They also have a step-by-step guide to nail art containing a detailed video. Take a look at some of their fantastic designs here and many more on their website.

Doing gel nails yourself