How to Find the Best Affordable Photographer in Toronto? – 3 Important Points to Remember

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Toronto osgoode hall wedding Acorn ProductionIf you are getting married in the lovely city called Toronto, you will have to look for a good wedding photographer in the city. Well, your wedding will be no doubt special for you, but its photos will consist of the usual elements including your arrival, walking down the aisle, saying those sweet words “I do”, toss of bouquet, first dance etc followed by your reception, like anywhere else in the world. Then what special you should look for in a Toronto wedding photographer? Here are some tips.

1. Affordable is Not the Same as Cheap

No matter what anyone would say, you value your money and are looking for a photographer who would work within your budget, meaning giving their best while charging what you can afford. Remember looking for affordability is not leaving quality. The good news is that while their usual charges range from 2500 to 4500, you CAN get a Toronto wedding photographer under 2000. The key here is to invite quotes and negotiate with them. Make it clear that you can afford only the amount you desire and what you want within it. Having clarity in discussion brings solutions to many problems. Try it!

2. Capturing Toronto

If the beauty of Toronto is not to be seen in your wedding photos, what’s the use of getting married in this wonderful city? Your best affordable wedding photographer Toronto should capture you on the EdgeWalk of CN Tower (if you are courageous enough) or dining at the 360 Restaurant, on the dreamy backdrop of Ripley’s Aquarium or the elegant Osgoode Hall, while island hopping, and hanging out in many such fantastic spots of Toronto.

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3. Reviewing Previous Work

Take time to reviewing the photographer’s previous work. Rushing hastily through a few of their photos while planning to visit the next vendor within half an hour will not help you in judging the quality of work. You should review the photographer’s entire portfolio of related photos in sequence and see if their photos contain the required elements that make a good photo, viz. solid composition, consistent color and exposure/brightness. After all, your wedding photos are going to last for many years to come as a proof of the elegance you had on your special day!


All in all, you should be able to look at your Toronto wedding photographer as a friend who is well acquainted with this city’s highlights that should be included in your wedding photos, offer first rate work and respect your budget. Stick to these points and your wedding photos will awe you and your guests forever!

Toronto osgoode hall wedding Acorn Production