How to Look Lovely in Your Wedding Photos

Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Wedding tips |

The first tip on how to look lovely in your wedding photos is to ensure that you pick the right photographer. Whether you are looking for professional wedding photography in London, or elsewhere for that matter, make sure you visit several studios so that you get a feel of the quality of work the photographer has produced. Take time to pour over photographer’s portfolios to make sure that you like his or her particular photographic style. Visiting photographers at their studio, or having them come to your home, also gives you the opportunity to have any questions you may have answered face-to-face and to make sure that you feel comfortable on a personal level with the photographer concerned.

Look at your previous photos and study them! Do you look better when you strike a pose or not? Some people look better when they even don’t know someone is taking picture. Pay attention on how you are smiling, standing and looking in your fave ones. Practice to mimic that special look. Photos of the couples are better when lovers are focused on each other and ignoring the camera. Try to relax each other, imagine you are alone and speak sweet and funny things to each other. Smile, laugh! Natural expressions will make your photos really emotional, posing won’t. However, squinting is something you should avoid, even if the Sun is making you do it. How? Close your eyes and after photographer say cheese, open them!

Engagement photos are wonderful way to practice! So, book the chosen photographer to do an engagement photo session with you. This way, you will have the chance to see who you are dealing with, what’s your photographer’s style and how you work together. After this session, you will be more experienced and prepared for the “take two” on your wedding day.