How to Make the Best Rustic Wedding Furniture

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rustic wedding furnitureGrowing more popular by the day in the wedding community are rustic themed weddings, and with good reason – with a little thought and a dash of imagination…maybe a little elbow grease and wallah! You have perfect rustic wedding furniture.

In this article, with the help of wedding and event co-coordinators at Something Nice, we aim to explore the best ways to find and create wedding decor that will compliment your rustic wedding theme to a tee.

Weathered Wood Or Not

In our experience, wood that has been weathered creates the best rustic aesthetic, but if you’re unable to get your hands on some well used timber, you can help create the effect by distressing.

Distressing is an antiquers best friend, as it helps the wood to look aged beyond its years without harming the items structural integrity.

It is best to distress the wood by sanding, hitting and striking with chains to create dents and divots that reveal character.

The more ferocious and unpredictable the scars the better.


Staining is the process of dying the wood a darker colour to give the impression that the wood is older than it is.

The benefit of staining is that you can purchase cheaper wood than say, oak, but by staining the wood of an oaken colour the difference is indistinguishable compared to the real thing.

If you have distressed the wood before staining, you will see that the stain collects in the divots in the wood, giving the dents a colour more authentic to that which you would see on a piece of timber that is over one hundred years.

After giving your desired feature one coat of stain, it may be worth distressing again once more when the stain has dried, and again staining – as this will help age the wood even more.

Rustic Seating

The guests obviously need somewhere to sit during the festivities, and what better way than using nature?

With little effort, tree stumps with a plank wooden plank across them lengthways makes a brilliantly pleasing rustic bench for your Rustic tables and chairs for your guests to sit and eat at!