How to Make the Most of Your Wedding Party Bus?

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party bus Huntsville AlabamaAfter all it’s your big day and you and your sweetheart have the right to enjoy with your friends and family after undergoing rather a stress of wedding preparations. What else, in that case, can be better than a party bus? Professionals at Party Bus Huntsville, Price4Limo, shares here the info with our readers about how you can enjoy with a party bus, what are your options and how you can make the most of it.

Reserve Beforehand

To avoid the frustration of not getting your favorite party bus in which you would have had a lot of fun, music, dance and drinks with your wedding party, reserve the bus much in advance, at least before a month. Also remember to confirm the booking a week before your event.

Give Details to the Party Bus Rental Company

The party bus rental company you are planning to hire may like to know the details of your plan so that they can make appropriate arrangements in the bus, like decorations, foods, drinks, etc for your optimum enjoyment. Prepare those details to provide it to the company. Also provide them the number of people in your wedding party. You may also want to personalize the bus; so, you should confirm with the company if they provide personalization.

Check Their Fleet and Choose Your Party Bus

Take a look at the range of vehicles available in their fleet and make a choice for your party bus. This will primarily depend on the number of people riding. For example, Price 4 Limo can offer you a range of vehicles including 10-passenger Lincoln, 12-passenger Ford Van, 2-passenger Lincoln Town Car, 22-passenger Mini/Shuttle Bus and many more for your any need. You can also take a look at the amenities provided on board and choose the party bus accordingly. Colors may also be a point to consider because you may want to show off the elegance of your wedding party! Most party buses are white or black, but you can seek a fun colored vehicle too if you want.

Decide on Details

You also have to decide on details, like food, drinks, music and others which you will get onboard. You should check company policies regarding refreshments e.g. what they offer for food and beverages and other policies. Regarding music, you should check whether they offer a radio or satellite radio or any such instrument, and whether you will need to bring your own iPod or CD. You should do all these inquiries before booking.

party bus Huntsville Alabama

Decide Your Route

A wedding party bus can indeed liven up your celebration which might have been otherwise mediocre. This is even more so when you go offbeat and rather than traveling from point A to point B, take halts at city attractions. Plan an itinerary and let the company know it. This will spice up the party even more and you and your spouse-to-be would truly enjoy the company of each other and guests.

Check Prices

Check whether the company charges flat or hourly rates. Know about all the surcharges, such as fuel or any other costs. Make sure that any hidden prices won’t drop in to spoil your celebration mood.

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