How will You Decorate the Dessert Table for Your Big Day?

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Chocolate FudgeEveryone loves desserts but only a little. On your big day too, you can plan to have a menu consisting of a lot of savory, tangy, tart and other varieties but not too many sweets. In such a condition, preparing a dessert table to match your other menu is a skilful job to do. Let’s see how you can do that.

Have Colors of Your Wedding Involved into Your Dessert Table

While setting up a dessert table amongst your wedding menu, you should give special attention to aesthetic appeal. Here one excellent idea is to match the color of your dessert table with that of your wedding color theme. You can also take help of other beautiful decorative elements like balloons or pompoms to achieve the matching.

Speculoos Cheesecake

Promote the Sweets

Rather than keeping the desserts plainly on the table, you can label them with attractive names, so that your guests will find it amusing and get attracted towards them. For labeling you can use decorative cards and explain about your special dessert too on one of them.

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Provide Goodie Boxes

It is possible that some of your guests may not wish to eat sweets right away, but to take them home to enjoy them comfortably. In fact some people even consider it as good luck to have a piece of wedding cake for home to enjoy it the next day. In such a condition, it’s nice to provide goodie bags to them for carrying the desserts to home.

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Let Your Personality Reflect in Your Dessert Table

You need not always decorate your dessert table traditionally with your wedding cake in the center and cupcakes surrounding it. If you have a liking for muffins or donuts, you can keep them on the dessert table. Or you can keep candies of various colors in transparent jars or bowls which looks very nice. In short, incorporate your own choices in the decoration of your dessert table so that your guests can enjoy the sweets of your choice and not the monotonous ones.

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