How will You Make the Most of Your Wedding Photographer?

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wedding cakeYou hired a wedding photographer, what next? Have you thought of a plan to pull out the best of your wedding photographer or you have just hired her/him and turned towards your other works? Here are some hints about how you two can help your wedding photographer to do his best on your big day.

Magic of Light

Photography is all about light. If you ask your photographer what s/he needs the most, in most cases the answer will be good light. The more beautiful the light, the more beautiful will be the photos – as simple as that. So, how can you help your photographer in this? You can help by accepting her/his suggestions about the locations. You may think that as you are conducting a summer wedding, the bright sun will make good light for the photos; but actually people will be sweating and squinting which you won’t like to come in your photos. So, listen to your photographer’s suggestions about locations. If possible, discuss with her/him beforehand about shots and how s/he can have proper light.

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Bride Getting Ready

The “getting ready” photos have become an important component of wedding albums. If you want your getting ready photos to be beautiful and worth-seeing again and again, consider the space and time your photographer can get. If you will be getting ready in a small room with dozens of bridesmaids, makeup artist and hairstylists and their assistants and your mother, imagine how hard it will be for the photographer to pull out the best of your photos. Also, time is another important factor to consider. If you get ready just in time when you should leave for the church/venue, you will have to skip your photos after getting fully prepared and you won’t want that. So, give your photographer sufficient time for these photos by getting ready some time before leaving.

gettng ready

Group Photos

One of the biggest mistakes couples do is to underestimate the time taken by group photos. The photographer has the responsibility to organize the group and take the best photos. If you schedule the time between ceremony and reception for group photos, keep it to minimum. You will get a lot of time for them later in the day; so, focus on only very important. Best is to appoint 1 or 2 people who know most of the family members well and let them help the photographer.bride and bridesmaids

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Your Portraits

These will be the most important photos and so, you should discuss about them with your photographer. Feel free to share your ideas. This will make your photographer know what you have in mind, and if s/he cannot do it, s/he can let you know beforehand, and you can discuss about how to overcome the difficulties.

portrait of bride and groom

portrait of bride and groom

portrait of bride and groom

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