Importance of having a Wedding Day Survival Kit

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weddboxAre you sure that everything on your big day will be okay? I am not scaring you – just trying to give you a caution, because we are humans and humans make mistakes. Added to this, you are a bride, a busy, stressed bride! Isn’t it possible for you to forget something very essential? And you may not always forget it, but may consider it just unnecessary and may realize at the actual moment in the middle of the ceremony or reception, how essential it was! Do you think this can happen? I am sure, you do. So, here you need a Wedding Day Survival Kit. I would like to introduce you to the Bride’s WeddBox which is a custom-curated selection of essential items to ensure a stress-free day for the Bride, Groom and guests.

What is Bride’s WeddBox?

Bride’s WeddBox is a box which contains items useful for an emergency situation that may arise any time before, during or after your wedding. This box should be kept in your luggage with yours and your bridesmaids’ gowns. It should contain all those items which may be forgotten, misplaced or just considered not-so-necessary. Once you reach the venue, the box can be shifted to the ladies’ bathroom or it can also be packed with the honeymoon luggage.


Whose is the Idea of WeddBox?

WeddBox has been conceptualized by Samuel and Jessica – the founders of at the time of their own wedding planning experience. When they were planning their own wedding, they realized the necessity of a “survival kit” at hand. But when they tried to find such a box they found that most of the websites had only a list of items. Other sites which had such types of boxes, had them quite insufficient to meet their actual purpose, because they lacked in a number of items. Moreover they were not presentable enough so as to be kept on display during reception. So, Samuel and Jessica who wanted their wedding to be truly special and unique in each and every detail, designed and created their own survival kit or box which they wanted to be both functional as well as beautiful to look at, and thus the WeddBox came into existence.


Different Box for the Bride and the Groom

Of course, there are different needs of the bride and the groom. So, there are Bride’s WeddBox as well as Groom’s WeddBox available. If you visit their site, you will also get a list of essential items as well as items which may be considered unnecessary, but are in fact very essential.

When you look at the lists of contents of both the boxes, you will realize how creatively and imaginatively the boxes have been designed with the items included in them. They are also extremely attractive to look at and you will feel proud to display them during your wedding – ceremony and reception. There are multiple attractive colors available too. Look at the pictures given here and on their website and you will realize that.

So, if your big day is around the corner, bring home the WeddBox and become stress-free because everything on your big day is going to be okay!

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