Importance of Wedding Videography

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importance of wedding videographyWell, there is no point in arguing whether filming of your wedding is required or not. If you want it, it is required and important. Why do you want it? To catch all the happening of your big day in your camera, of course! But are you still unsure about whether to get it or not? Then you might like to read the reasons I give here, why it is required. It is agreed that wedding videography takes away a big chunk off your wedding budget and so, you are planning to give it a skip! But believe me, if you spend the amount, you will be glad for the rest of your life, especially if you hire a videographer like Wedding Emotion – Montreal wedding videographers, with a modern and creative approach to transform bride’s and groom’s experience into memory through the wedding film. They create wedding films inspired by Hollywood films, so that you can watch an excellent story of your wedding later and enjoy thoroughly.

So, what should you consider while choosing a wedding videographer? Let’s see.

Why Do You Want Your Wedding Filmed?

If you are in doubt about your wedding film, you might have memories lingering in your mind of your uncle’s or aunt’s wedding films shot before the 1980s, when wedding videos had newly come into fashion and were shot in a lot of hassle and needed a lot of equipment, eventually losing the aesthetic of the wedding.

Today videographers are as quick and active as photographers. They can squeeze into incredibly tight areas and take elegant shots in flattering angles, which has propelled the concept of wedding video to astronomic heights. High definition filming has now been standardized by DSLRs, making Hollywood quality shooting possible even for amateurs and semi-pros. A number of people don’t know this.

Just have a look at the portfolios of videographers and you will see how much more you can have from your wedding film, shot by a professional videographer, rather than a friend or family member shooting from one spot.

How Much Should You Spend?

This is the most important point to consider. You will have to consider a lot of factors while deciding a price to be given for the services of videographers as well as photographers. The inclusions in different types of packages are much to do with the price. So also, the hours of work make a big difference. Think carefully on how many hours of your wedding you want to be filmed. Some couples desire to have everything filmed right from start to finish; but that requires higher price because of the longer hours included.

What is included in the package is also important to consider. Many people are under the impression that they will get a DVD with one trailer of highlights which appear online or in their portfolios. However, you will be surprised to know that many companies have so much more to offer. Though these additions add up to the price of the package, they make your wedding day truly unique and memorable.

The cheapest package usually offers a specific amount of coverage and is customized towards journalizing the wedding, instead of capturing special moments that can tell a gripping story. While there is no problem with this type of package, you can have more bang for your buck with more features that videographers have on offer apart from the highlights trailer.

It is also useful to ask whether you can customize a package. Perhaps you need no pre-ceremony work filmed, or want more time for cocktail hour, or want to save the Date Video or engagement video, etc.

Difference between Videographers

Why do we find out this? To find out the best videographer of our desire. And that depends on individual liking. All of them are in the business because they have a talent for filming. Each of them has her/his own style. Some present a journalizing work, while some like to create cinematic pieces, ignoring the traditional style of capturing every moment. You have to watch these styles and select the best suited for you.

Is there Really a Need when You have a Photographer Already?

You can imagine that there are certain things which a wedding film has and photographs don’t. With the obvious moving images, the dimension of sound is added to the wedding film. So, now you will be “hearing” your wedding for years to come – when you exchanged vows, when your father raised a toast, or your mother, siblings and friends cheered. Sound is the important factor of wedding video which photos cannot offer. And of course, the motion too! Both of these make a wedding film superior to photos.

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