Important Points You Should Consider Regarding How to Choose Your Wedding Venue

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how to choose a wedding venueAmong all wedding preparations, choosing a wedding venue is a big affair. It consumes a major chunk of your wedding budget, but is perhaps the most important element of your big day because it can create just the environment and ambience for the wedding you dreamed about.

Consulting a wedding planner like wedding planner Columbia SC about finding good venues in your city or destination is a good idea. In general, you have to consider the following points:

  • Is the venue already booked on my wedding date?
  • Is the venue affordable to me?
  • Is it convenient for my guests?
  • Have I actually liked it?

Next, you should set a budget on paper. Never book the venue before knowing about its price and checking whether it fits your budget. Or else there are chances that you may realize that you are falling short of money and cannot book the wedding band you’d been coveting.

Watch this video to see how a wedding planner can find a perfect venue for your wedding and make your dream come true.

Venue Research Spreadsheet

Make such a spreadsheet where you can keep all your wedding venue ideas and what you’ve researched in an organized manner and review it whenever required without being baffled.

Points you can add in the spreadsheet are:


See if it’s a hotel, historical or outdoor place or restaurant, etc.


Check if the venue can accommodate the number of guests you want to invite.


Check if the venue is convenient and easily accessible for your guests and whether accommodation is available at or near the venue.


Check their rates to see if they match your wedding budget.


Check if you’ll have to make any preparations e.g. if it’s a barn, will you have to do lighting etc.?

Suitability for your wedding theme or style

You have been dreaming of a particular theme or style for your big day. It’s very important to check if the venue you are considering suits that theme or style.


Check whether you should book their in-house caterer or have freedom to bring one from outside.


Many wedding venues have restrictions on certain things such as wedding band or DJ, decorative items like sparklers and even regarding when you should end your event. Make sure you know all their restrictions.


Parking is a major issue at many wedding venues. Make sure also that you know if the venue has free parking, access to public transit or transportation options.

Add-ons if any

Check whether venue authorities offer any extras that you can take benefit of.

Doing thorough research this way will later pay you in the form of having the most awesome venue where you can celebrate the most important day of your life with full pomp.