Important Tips For Wonderful Wedding Décor

Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Wedding tips |

Choosing wonderful decorations of wedding is the first priority for majority of brides. Here are some tips to help you in picking the best appearances for your wedding reception and ceremony.

1. Always think in terms of color palette instead of one or two colors. By combining various shades of your basic color, or even matching colors to your basic color, you will add depth and richness to your complete look.

2. Make use of various textures. Sashes, chair covers and linens come in various types of fabrics. It gives style if everything doesn’t complement each other exactly. Never be scared to combine various fabrics together.

3. Modify the shapes of your tables. Make use of some round, some low, some high and square shapes. Many guests are used to walking inside a room with round tables around the dance floor. You can consider modifying the floor plan, it will make the room appear interesting and different.

4. Just like flowers, lighting has also become very common at a wedding ceremony and reception. Combining color to the room with the help of lighting can set different moods inside the room. You can think about using a wonderful warm, golden wash in the room during the dinner. Everything looks romantic in this kind of lighting. Consider using blues, pinks reds and purples when the dance stars to create an atmosphere of party.

5. If you are thinking of saving money, make use of some different items instead of flowers. Beautiful centerpieces with glass vases and water with single floating flower inside the water can make a perfect decoration. If you are considering a brunch, you can go for fruits and vegetables decoration.

6. Make use of your surroundings. It is very affordable to carry out your reception in a garden instead of modifying a ballroom into a garden. Remember this point while searching for the site for your reception.