Indian Bridal Jewelry – An Interesting and Ravishing Affair

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Indian bridal jewelryIndian weddings are full of pomp and celebrations! In Indian society, wedding is supposed to be a major phase of life and for the bride, it’s like entering a new life, obviously because she has to go to her husband’s house, leaving her father’s. It is also considered as a very auspicious occasion which brings about a union of a man and a woman. And therefore an Indian bride wears her best attire and jewelry and accessories on this day. From ancient times, Indians are very fond of precious metals and stones and creating various types of jewelry from them. The varied types are quite interesting to learn about. Here are some.


Mangalsutra is as important for a bride and a married woman in India, as the wedding ring for a bride in a Western country. On the auspicious occasion of wedding, the groom ties this mangalsutra around the bride’s neck. Literally it means auspicious thread and is made of black beads with two bowl-shaped pieces at the position of pendant. To denote the auspiciousness, this piece of jewelry can also be literally a thread of black beads. But modern fashions have converted it into various attractive forms.

Chudi (Chuda)

Chudi or Chuda (bangles) is also a very essential jewelry piece for a bride and denotes that she is married. India being a vast country, traditions differ a lot, and so, chudi’s colors and materials too differ a lot amongst various regions. In Maharashtra, brides wear green glass bangles as a symbol of being a married woman, while in West Bengal, chudi made of lac and ivory is an essential for married women. In Punjab, beautiful red and white bangles are worn by women to denote that they are married.

Indian bridal jewelry

Nath (Nose Ring)

Nath is also considered as a piece of jewelry essential for a married woman, but not as essential as a mangalsutra. Therefore it may be sometimes missing in the bridal ensemble. Nath ranges quite extensively and is called by various names, like nathani, Mundari, and many others. While the nath worn by a Maharashtrian bride is made of 5 precious materials – gold, pearl, diamond, ruby and emerald, brides in the North India wear a large ring in the nose which is connected to the Bindi with a beautiful and delicate chain, which can be made of anything from gold to pearls.


In North and South India, bindi is a very important piece of jewelry for a bride and denotes that she is married. However, bindi is usually worn only during the wedding and not every day. But this is a very amazing piece of jewelry and the bride looks ravishing in it.

Jhumka (Earrings)

Earrings too are very important for all women in India, not only brides. Brides wear special earrings which are more ornate and showy apt for an event like wedding.

Plus there are various types of necklaces, rings, bajuband (armlet), kamarband (cummerbund) payal (anklets), bichua (toe rings), various types of hair jewelry and many more, which form the beautiful elements of a bridal ensemble. Indian bridal jewelry is astounding and unending. The deeper you go into it, the more interesting it becomes. The bride should only be able to hold it on her body! But can any woman say “no” to jewelry, how much ever heavy it is?

Indian bridal jewelry