Involve Wedding Bobbleheads in the Wedding in Many Ways

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wedding-bobbleheadsIf you want your big day to be unique, you must be thinking of various ideas, like themed wedding, unique decoration, photo booth, and so on. How about involving bobbleheads in your wedding? They are awesome little nuts to make your event look outstanding. If you are not the bride or groom yourself, and have been invited to a wedding, even then you can make use of wedding bobbleheads and cake toppers. Here are some unique ideas of using bobbleheads in association with a wedding ceremony. Visit for an unending collection of fantastically created and customized bobbleheads for wedding and other celebrations.

Wedding Cake Toppers

Customized bobbleheads are fantastic cake toppers. The fact is, the usual toppers have become so ubiquitous that they look dull and boring. In that situation, if you decorate your wedding cake with toppers resembling yourself, it will spice things up and amuse your guests. The toppers with your face making funny poses on your wedding cake will be a great center of attraction on your special day.

cake toppers

Bridesmaids/Groomsmen Gifts

Bridesmaids are closest friends of the bride and groomsmen are closest friends of the groom. In such a case, what can be an ideal gift for them than bobbleheads having your faces? These types of custom-made bobbleheads are a wonderful personal gift for the bridesmaids and groomsmen. Usually they get gifts like a piece of jewelry or a handbag in case of the bridesmaids and a money clip or a flask in case of the groomsmen, with the wedding couple’s initials monogrammed on the gift. These types of gifts are also nice. But bridesmaids and groomsmen are special members of the wedding party and stand by the bride and the groom on their very special day. So, these special members deserve nothing less than a premium bobblehead customized with your face. One more fun idea is to give away dolls customized with the faces of the bridesmaids and groomsmen!bridesmaids-groomsmen's gifts


Wedding Favors

Give away the premium bobbleheads as wedding favors to your guests. Bobbles make a great table centerpiece rather than flowers. So, your guests will be delighted to have this funny, and at the same time, touching souvenir on your wedding and remember your special day forever.

wedding favors

Gift to the Bride/Groom

If you are a wedding guest, it’s a great idea to gift the wedding couple bobbleheads having their faces. They will be excited and will enjoy such an innovative gift. Get the doll more personalized with a funny poem on their dresses or stand, or any other design idea. You can rest assured that your gift won’t see the darkness of a neglected corner of a cabinet. They will always be displayed in the prominent areas of the newlyweds’ home and will be admired by the homeowners as well as their guests every now and then.

wedding gifts

You can include the adorable bobbleheads in your own wedding or the wedding you have been invited for, and add splendid colors of fun and innovation to the occasion.