Is Destination Right Choice?

Posted by on Apr 22, 2012 in Managing Wedding, Wedding tips |

Destination weddings are getting more and more popular and people often think about that option. Beautiful scenery, faraway from your everyday life, it is affordable and can be continued into memorable honeymoon. But, as most things in life, it is not all hearts and roses. Before managing destination wedding, think about all pros and cons of Getaway weddings. First of all, even if it might seem that it can be expensive, destination wedding might be cheaper than the regular ceremony in your hometown. With a little research, you can hire affordable Italian wedding photographer if you plan a romantic Italian wedding, as well as music band, nice restaurant etc. Usually, destination wedding takes place at specialized resorts offering all-inclusive packages.

But, the fact that these events are more affordable for couple, doesn’t mean that they are affordable for other guests. Of course, the most important guests will find the way to be at your wedding ceremony, but usually they will stay with you and become the part of your honeymoon. So, do you want to celebrate finding your soul-mate and better half with less friends and to spend your honeymoon with your parents-in-law? Some of your closest friends maybe will not be able to be at your wedding ceremony, while the present guest will in most cases decide to stay with you and combine your honeymoon with their vacation.

Destination weddings, depending on the destination, might be quite complicated for getting a marriage license. Of course, if there are some complications, you can get an advice or help from destination wedding coordinator, specialized  for these legal issues. Of course, coordinator can help you arrange other things as well, so it is not something to be worried about. The only problem you might find is hurt feelings – yours and those from members of your family and your friends. So, think carefully. Even though your big day might be one of the greatest events in your life, there are some other people you should care about because they will be around you for the rest of your life.