Keeping the essence of a wedding

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"essence"“A part of you has grown in me. And so you see, it’s you and me together forever and never apart, maybe in distance, but never in heart”
A Perfect Wedding is all about two souls unifying for the journey of life. All those flowers and fruits as center piece for weddings speak of love that is borne by two hearts merged into one. So why do you think that white is the first choice when it comes to taking vows? The color speaks of purity and true love has it all. When it comes to selecting the perfect motif, cohesion is the first thing that strikes your mind. Let the ferns and orchids bring upon a peaceful ambience endowing a smile to the face of the couple lovingly looking at each other’s eyes.

The ceremony turns special with the best man and the brides-maid playing their soulful roles in helping eternal love become a reality for the newly-weds. Raise a toast to the wonderful couple who have been united by God’s grace and true love. If wedding gifts are in your mind then, here is a chance to shower the newly-wed with gifts they will treasure as you spontaneously feel content from within. Here take a look at the assorted range of gifts that make a lifetime event like a wedding, meaningful:

Wedding garter

This beautiful garter in its white shade perfectly suits the wedding mood of the beautiful lady on her “D” day. Crafted of silky material, the garter also has lacy parts to add to the oomph factor of the new bride. The wedding garter has a lovely ribbon attached in the middle, with a blue diamante. The garter is made of an elastic material that fits all.

Personalised Purple Ronnie Best Man Mug

If it can be for the couple then, it can be for the best man as well. Yes this beautiful personalized purple Ronnie best man mug is for the man accompanying the groom as he walks down the aisle. The groovy Ronnie man imprinted on the white mug looks joyous. There is enough space to imprint the best man’s name. furthermore you can add a special message on the mug.
What about the older bride who is celebrating her diamond wedding anniversary? Do we have something for her in bag? Yes of course!! Let’s raise a toast on this special day when she celebrates togetherness with her man for an entire span of 60 years. Here is the perfect gift for her:

Diamond Wedding Hand Painted Pillow

This is a hand-painted pillow with a silky finish enjoying a creamy shade. The Phrase “Happy Diamond Wedding” is written at the center of the Diamond Wedding hand Painted Pillow. A ribbon loop is attached to the pillow along with silvery hearts and flowers.
Author-Bio: Michelle Smith having profound knowledge on gifts of all kinds is pleased to offer some unique wedding gift ideas to people who are headed for the ceremony.