Latest Styles in Wedding Photography

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A wedding photographer is of course a must for your wedding to cover all those big as well as small, yet significant moments, which will be cherished all through your life. However, while considering the factors like the photographer’s skills, experience, previous work, and price, one more thing too you can consider and it is the style of photography. You may say that this is included in the photographer’s skills. But, style is something different and if you plan it in advance, you can give your wedding that special look, like just what you want.

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Pre-wedding Photography

This is an excellent way to get well acquainted with your photographer before your special day. Moreover, it also gives some wonderful feature photos to flaunt at your reception. You can have relaxed and fun photos and display them at interesting spots.



Gifts for Parents

Along with many other gifts for parents you can give your pre-wedding shots to them which will remain with them forever as precious keepsakes.



Secret Proposal Shoot

This is another enchanting idea where the to-be groom (or sometimes even the bride) plans to photograph the moment of proposal. This is more similar to paparazzi photography in which the other half is totally unaware of what is going to happen.



Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is getting intensely popular nowadays and it is a romantic gift for your fiancé. These are your sexy photos in your bedroom or in a hotel room, while you either dress in lingerie or remain nude or create an illusion of nudity.







Fine Art Photography

Fine art photography is loved generally by brides as it reminds them of a magazine of fashions. Usually the wedding photographers employ this style to achieve a particular artistic vision with an intention of producing an art piece.




Trash The Dress

Trash The Dress is a fantastic style of photography where the bride wears her wedding gown again after the wedding ceremony is over and takes pictures at weird locations like a barn, a garage, a street, or even a cavern. In this, the dress may even get dirty and so, brides generally wear some cheaper wedding gown. Photographers of TTD are extremely skillful.


Cherish The Dress

This is totally opposite of Trash The Dress. It is actually a fashion shoot meant for flaunting your wedding gown in the most outstanding way. It is of course done with most exquisite hairstyle and makeup and is done at a beautiful location.