Lavish Wedding Gift Ideas

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wedding gift ideasAre you wondering about what to give your wedding guests as wedding favors? Or are you to attend the bridal shower of your friend, sister or cousin and daunted regarding what to gift her? In any case, if you want to choose a real luxury wedding gift for your near and dear ones, here’s an excellent solution in the form of Barbara’s Design Solutions that offer you handmade products like Organic Sculpture Soap & Premium Perfume Gift Sets, Home Fragrance 100% Soy Wax Melts, Goats Milk Guest Soap Bars and many more with which you can please your dear ones.

Sculpture Soap and Perfume Oil

Sculpture soap makes a fun gift, not only for kids but for adults too. At Barbara’s Design Solutions, you will get a gift set of Organic Rose Sculpture and Perfume Oil. You can have a proprietary blend or have a fragrance of your choice.

Perfume Sachets

This is a real luxury product with beautiful and fragrant perfume sachets that are made to order. The materials are natural, organic and eco-friendly and include Crystal Potpourri, Oils, Dried Flowers, Fragrance and Cob, attractively packed in cotton bags. This will delight your recipient with its superb perfume.

Soy Wax Fragrant Melts

Barbara’s Design Solutions offer 100% soy wax melts which can be used as home fragrances. Soy wax is an excellent alternative to palm waxes and paraffin because it is totally renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly. Therefore your recipient is going to be pleased with this superb gift.

Goat’s Milk Soap

Goat’s Milk Soap offered by Barbara’s Solutions is extremely beneficial to skin health. Those with dry or sensitive skin, and also those with psoriasis and eczema get a lot of benefits from goat’s milk because this milk is rich with alpha-hydroxy acids, vitamins, fats (in the form of cream) and minerals like selenium, sodium and iron.

You can get all these exclusive products and many others at the Etsy Store of BarbDesignSolutions. So, you need not worry anymore, as you have now a treasure of lavish gifts.